Another Budget Carrier, Vietnam's VietJet Air Enters into Singapore - Alvinology

Another Budget Carrier, Vietnam’s VietJet Air Enters into Singapore

Another Budget Carrier, Vietnam's VietJet Air Enters into Singapore - Alvinology

Last Thursday, VietJet Air, a low-cost carrier from Vietnam, announced the launch of its new international flight route between Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City. The route will officially operate from 23 May 2014. This is VietJet’s first foray into the Singapore market. VietJet is also looking to expand its international routes throughout Asia Pacific this year.

It was the first privately owned airline to be established in Vietnam back in 2007 and is still privately held today.

VietJet’s launch in Singapore appears timely. With the recent unrests in Thailand, Vietnam may emerge as another nearby travel destination for Singaporeans looking for a short getaway. I been to Ho Chi Minh City for both work and leisure. The city is young and vibrant, with a rapid pace of growth. Food is good and there are also things to see and experience.

For budget travelers looking to visit Ho Chi Minh City, look out for VietJet’s flights for some great savings and fun on board their aircrafts:

Aligned with its brand message, “Enjoy Flying with Smiles”, VietJet promised that passengers onboard its first flight on 23 May 2014 will get to enjoy great offers and amazing performances. Additionally, VietJet’s customers will also enjoy amazing and valuable gifts, and daily promotions during the period spanning 23 May to 23 June 2014. These include free air tickets, Visa cards worth 1 million Vietnamese Dong (~S$59) and more.

What kind of fun can passengers expect?

Well, VietJet had attracted worldwide media attention with bikini shows and performances like these:

The Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore route will initially operate seven round trip flights per week and the duration per section is 1 hour and 50 minutes. The flight will depart Tan Son Nhat International Airport at 8.50am (local time) and Changi International Airport at 12.40pm (local time) daily. VietJet will look to increase its flight frequency for this route to 14 round trip flights weekly in the near future, to meet increasing demand.

Speaking at the official press conference, Mr Luu Duc Khánh – VietJet’s Managing Director shared, “We are witnessing a strong and increasing need for business trips, tourism and family visits between Singapore and Vietnam. This is also a great entry to the Asia Pacific market, especially for tourists to connect to this part of the world, therefore, VietJet has carefully chosen Singapore as its next destination.We will bring Flight of Smiles to Singapore. Passengers will also enjoy great flight experiences with a new craft at cost efficient prices.”

Another Budget Carrier, Vietnam's VietJet Air Enters into Singapore - Alvinology

VietJet currently operates 24 local and international routes and has plans in the pipeline to expand its routes in Asia Pacific as well as engage in joint ventures with other regional airline partners. Over time, the airline has diversified its in-flight services to include deluxe products and souveniers, delicious meals, duty free shopping and passenger entertainment.

About VietJet Air:

Another Budget Carrier, Vietnam's VietJet Air Enters into Singapore - Alvinology

Earning profits right in its second year of operation, VietJet has earned it’s stripes with the local and global airline industry. Lately, VietJet has signed a contract with Airbus in the leasing order of 100 aircraft. In 2014, VietJet will welcome new aircraft as a result of this agreement.

VietJet is proud of its modern and eco-friendly new fleet. The average age of the fleet stands under 3 years. The fleet is very recognisable because of the vivid decoration on the craft’s body. Together with American Airlines (USA) and Qantas (Australia), VietJet is one of the 3 unique airlines to cover its craft with pictures of blockbuster Planes (Disney) to cheer child passengers. Global brand, Pepsi has chosen VietJetAir for its branding on the craft body and for conveying students during Tet holidays for free. In the near future, famous brands such as Samsung and Toyota will also be working with VietJet for other campaigns.

VietJet currently operates 24 flight routes locally and globally. In Vietnam, VietJet has successfully connected key economic regions such as: Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Hue, Vinh, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Quy Nhon, Buon Ma Thuot, Da Lat, Phu Quoc. International flights include Singapore, Bangkok (Thailand), Seoul (Korea), K’un Ming (China). VietJet is now operating 700 flights per week. Soon, it will expand international routes throughout Asia-Pacific.


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