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Inventor of G-SHOCK Kikuo Ibe shares how he overcomes the hard knocks of life

Fans of G-Shock may be familiar with the story of how the G-Shock came to be. Conceptualized in 1981 by Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe when he accidentally dropped a watch given to him by his father, Kikuo Ibe set out to invent a rugged watch that could take a great deal of abuse. Working in a team of three others, more than 200 prototypes, and two years later, the G-Shock debuted to the world in 1983.

Curious about the man behind the iconic G-Shock?

What keeps him ticking through the knocks and bumps of life? Is he as tough as the watch he invented?

Alvinology caught up with Kikuo Ibe over an email interview. Find out the inventor’s daily routines and how he keeps himself inspired, in his own words.

1. your favourite G-SHOCK?

My favourite model is DW-5600. This model has the same design as the first G-SHOCK. Therefore, I am attached to this watch. Actually, I wear this watch every day.

2. The G-SHOCK design that surprises you the most?


I am most surprised by the design of DW-6900. This watch has a very cutting-edge design featuring the big button at the front, the rounded shape of the glass and the triple graph.

Kikuo Ibe, Father of G-Shock

3. Have you ever felt that you have hit a bottleneck in your G-SHOCK journey? How do you overcome that?

Yes, of course. I stop trying to move forward and instead focus on clearing my mind so I can realign myself. I recommend you do the same when you hit a bottleneck.

Kikuo Ibe, Father of G-Shock

4. Your favourite quotes and they mean to you?

I like the phrase “Continuity is the father of success”.

When I start a new thing, I try to do it continuously over a period without setting a timeline. I have cultivated vegetables for more than 5 years. I continue it every year. Then I discovered the knowhow little by little. Now I can produce good vegetables.

Kikuo Ibe, Father of G-Shock

5. How do you get your seemingly endless source of inspiration?

I look at and listen to all kinds of things with curiosity.

As I continue to accumulate and keep these things in my mind, new ideas will start to form in my mind as one thing connects to another spontaneously.

Kikuo Ibe, Father of G-Shock

6. How do you keep your mind creative? Any tips for tired working adults?

I try to take a break if I get stuck. Sometimes no ideas come even when you think about it for very long. This is because your brain is tired. I recommend you to take a rest and try to clear your mind. I’m sure you will be refreshed.

Kikuo Ibe, Father of G-Shock

7. You are a famous and successful figure. Could you share about your daily routine?

I have 3 daily routines. First, I drink hot green tea when I wake up as it energises me.

Secondly, after lunch, I drink hot coffee to keep my mind alert.

Thirdly, at night, if it is not rainy, I go for a jog or walk for about 45 minutes. It refreshes my mind.

Kikuo Ibe, Father of G-Shock

8. Three words to describe the MR-G Shougeki-Maru and Kachi-iro?

Evolution, tradition, and fusion.

We strive to better our MR-G range of watches regularly, which evolves through a fusion of metal processing technology and traditional Japanese craftsmanship. We have had several watches that express the technique of Japanese craftsmanship well recently.

I hope you will continue to look forward to it.

Kikuo Ibe, Father of G-Shock

These watches are available at the G-SHOCK MBS Premium and ION store in Singapore.

About the MR-G

The MR-G: the most luxurious line of G-SHOCK, the brand that opened a whole new world of tough watches. A Japanese made product with an appeal that transcend time. Full titanium, yet shock resistant, defying convention to establish an entirely new concept of toughness. Materials, function, design — the absolute best of G-SHOCK that exudes a majesty of its own.

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