Produced by the gift of nature, farmers’ love and Yakult technology, Abeille d’Or, a Singapore-based health supplements company, introduced a new product to the local market, Maroyaka Kale, during a media launch at Chinatown Point on 29 Mar:

Hideaki Maruyama, the President and CEO of Yakult Health Foods addressing the audience

Hideaki Maruyama, the President and CEO of Yakult Health Foods addressing the audience

I was invited to the launch event by  AT Marketing Consultancy.

In recent years, kale (甘蓝) has become a popular food supplement choice. It is typically blended in smoothies and drank by health aficionados. Japanese health food company Yakult Health Foods, has introduced this gift of nature in a convenient manner – Maroyaka Kale (powder form), saving us the hassle of sourcing out the vegetable that is not always readily available in supermarkets.

Why kale?

Kale is said to be one of the healthiest vegetables. It is high in calcium and contains β-carotene. Its primary nutrients also include vitamin B6, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium and chlorophyll.

Today, many people lead hectic lifestyles with the habit of eating out and not eating enough greens. I am one of these guilty folks. Greens are essential in our diets to achieve optimal health and wellness. Yakult Health Foods’ Maroyaka Kale offers consumers the goodness and benefits of premium kale, readily available for easy consumption.

Maroyaka Kale is a rich and tasty Aojiru (green juice) made of premium kale. Each serving is packaged individually in convenient stick sachets, and provide the necessary nutrients to supplement your daily greens intake.

Maroyaka Kale powder comes in 9g sachets and is water-soluble, dissolving easily in cold water or milk. Packing a punch with up to 139 – 1086ug of β-carotene and 41 – 125ug of vitamin K in every 2 sticks, the highly concentrated kale powder retains the rich, delicious flavor and mild taste of kale:

I tried it with both water and milk. The taste can be strong and funky when mixed with just water. I recommend mixing it with milk which gives it a more pleasant, vegetables milkshake taste.

Pretty decent and beats gobbling lots of vegetables daily:

In keeping with Yakult Health Foods’ emphasis on consumer safety and health, the kale is cultivated without the aid of agrochemicals, chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The final product is thus enjoyed in its truest form without any artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives added. For almost 20 years, Maroyaka Kale has been praised as the “quintessential Aojiru”, affirming its high nutrition value.

Previously only available for purchase in Japan, Maroyaka Kale powder is derived using an integrated manufacturing process. The large, dark green leaves are plucked at dawn and delivered to the factory in its freshest state where it is powderized using minimum heat. The enormous leaves are comparable in size to our local banana leaves and are grown in the rich soil of Kunisaki Peninsula area of Oita-Ken Prefecture of the Kyushu region.

Solely distributed by local company Abeille d’Or (Singapore), Maroyaka Kale is on shelves at Guardian Pharmacy retailing at the introductory price of S$79.90 from now till 30th September 2014, after which the usual price of S$87.90 applies.

Product launched

Product launched

The Maroyaka Kale juice powder is just one in Yakult Health Foods’ comprehensive range of quality health supplements made available by Abeille d’Or (Singapore). The product range includes Watashi No Aojiru (young barley leaves juice powder), glucosamine, CoQ10, royal jelly, bilberry extract and collagen supplements are some of the products also available under the Yakult Health Foods range, as well as DHA + EPA soft capsules,a type of poly unsaturated fatty acid important for optimal brain function.

Event VIPs

Event VIPs

The complete range of Yakult Health Foods are available at Guardian Pharmacy outlets with prices starting from S$43.90 to S$119.90.

Here's how the packaging looks like

Here’s how the packaging looks like

Here is the full price list if you are interested to buy or find out more:

Products Usual Price (S$) Intro. Price (S$)
Maroyaka Kale  87.90  79.90
Watashi no Aojiru  65.90  59.90
DHA & EPA  82.40  74.90
Coenzyme Q10  87.90  79.90
Supplism Multiple Vitamin & Minerals  43.90  39.90
Calcium + Mg  53.90  49.00
Glucosamine + Collagen  87.90  79.90
Glucosamine  75.90  69.00
Royal Jelly  119.90  109.00
Blueberry Lutein  119.90  109.00
Supplism Collagen  87.90  79.90

For more information, you can visit the official Abeille D’Or website or their Facebook Page. Abeille D’Or is also organising a Colon Health Seminar next weekend. More details:

Colon Health Seminar by:
Dr, Haresh Kumar Kantilal (Ph.D Medical Science, M.Sc. Microbiology.
A Medical Microbiologist and Speaker in Nutrition
Date : 19/4 Sat
Time : 2pm (2 hrs)
Venue : Peninsular Shopping Centre #03-14
Ticket  : S$10/- (fully redeemable on 19/4 for any Yakult Health Foods product)
Call 6339 5045 to reserve seats.