[Review] Toy Factory's Romeo & Juliet - Alvinology

[Review] Toy Factory’s Romeo & Juliet

Toy Factory’s Romeo & Juliet is directed by Nell Ng, one of Kuala Lumpur’s most notable directors. Benjamin Kheng, singer/musician from the band, Sam Willows, stars as Romeo, alongside Ethel Yap who was in W!LD RICE’s Jack and the Bean-sprout in Dec 2013.

Juliet meets Romeo
Juliet meets Romeo

Making up the rest of the cast are Caleb Goh, Dwayne Tan, Josephine Tan, Edward Choy, Andrew Mowatt, Timothy Wan, Marc Valentine, Theresa Wee Yenko, Daphne Quah, Andy Pang and Nelson Clemente.

I caught the gala performance last week, thanks to the folks from Toy Factory.


In aristocratic Verona, a fateful meeting at a ball sees tempestuous young Romeo and wide-eyed Juliet falling in love at first sight… but bliss abruptly transforms to despair upon the realisation that their families are locked in bloody feud. They find brief solace in an oath of eternal love and a secret wedding, until Juliet’s beloved, brash cousin Tybalt incites a duel with Romeo, leading to deaths on both sides, including Tybalt’s own. Romeo is exiled from Verona, and Juliet is forcibly engaged to the charming Count Paris. Will the star-crossed sweethearts find love at last, or will their world finally tear them apart?

This is the second Romeo & Juliet theatrical performance I have seen; the previous being of the more classical variety in traditional costumes and pure Shakespearian languages.

It is not easy to do a reinterpretation of a time-old tale which everyone is familiar with. To Toy Factory’s credit, the performance was pretty enjoyable, injected with an all-white wardrobe update and small doses of slapstick humour to lighten up.

[Review] Toy Factory's Romeo & Juliet - Alvinology

The singing by the two young leads were reasonably good:

This production will be running at Drama Centre Theatre from 13 – 23 February 2014.

More details are available via the official Toy Factory website. 

Performance Dates and Time:
Thu, 13 – Sun, 23 Feb 2014
Tue – Sun: 3.30pm
Tues: 8pm
Thu – Sat: 8pm

Ticket Pricing: S$69, S$59, S$49, via SISTIC

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