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Bye bye

Today is my last day working at

I have been with for close to seven years. I joined the team before it was even launched in September 2007. Click here to read through all the projects and experiences I shared with the team.'s first ever print ad in 2007’s first ever print ad in 2007

I was there when we launched our first TV commercial. Yes, we had one at the very beginning:

I was there when we launched the first Singapore Blog Awards and the first Singapore Entertainment Awards.

I was there when we hosted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during the launch of CLing, a Chinese learning portal, co-developed together with Business China.

I was there when we set up the omy Blog Club and developed it to what it is today with a strong, vibrant community of over 3,000 registered bloggers.

I was there when we ventured into mobile and tablet platforms, launching the Fong Fei Fei commemorative e-book and the Vice Ring Probe mobile news magazine app.

There are more exciting projects upcoming at We have to constantly innovate in order to survive as the industry is constantly evolving. I would love to be a part of all these, but the journey ends here for now.

I am thankful for all the opportunities given to me by my wonderful bosses at, my supervisor, Kuan Fung, and our big boss, Chim Kang

I am thankful to all my colleagues, new and old for the great support they have given me, especially when I have to constantly trouble them with many last minute marketing projects. Janet in particular for having to support so much of my work whenever I am absent.

I am thankful to all the external partners, sponsors and advertisers I have worked with for Thank you for supporting us and do continue to shower your support for the team.

It is bye bye for now as I am being transferred to market another website within the Singapore Press Holdings group.

I will still continue to watch grow, but this time, as a blogger, as part of the omy Blog Club and as a news reader.

Adieus. 🙂


  1. omg Alvin which sph site are you heading to? you were such an integral part of omy, wonder how they will be able to manage without you… good luck with the new site!

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