Goodbye Singapore Press Holdings - Alvinology

Goodbye Singapore Press Holdings

Goodbye Singapore Press Holdings - Alvinology

Today is my official last day working in Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

I was recruited into the company in June 2007 to join the pioneering team in the Chinese Newspaper Division to launch, the first bilingual-friendly news and entertainment portal in Singapore.

I spent a good six years working with the team to build the site into what it is now – a dynamic, vibrant online news portal, available on both web and mobile with a strong following from the local online community. You can read my previous blog post on leaving for a recap.

During my last month in SPH, I was transferred to the online classified arm of the company, ST701. The time spent with the team was short, but it was an interesting learning experience for me to understand more of SPH’s other products, beyond editorial content.

I am thankful for the mentorship and guidance given to me by my bosses at both and ST701, as well as from others in SPH management.

Leaving the company was not an easy decision to make, on my part. The past six years have been very rewarding. I consider just about everyone I have met in SPH to be friends of mine now, and I will miss everyone. I have enjoyed working for SPH am deeply appreciative of all the opportunities that were given to me.

Nonetheless, I was offered a rare opportunity to join a digital start-up, newly launched in Asia by a MNC. This is like year zero again, but reaching out to a global audience.

Challenges excite me and I believe this opportunity gives me the chance to grow professionally.

With a heavy heart, I have to bid goodbye to SPH,, ST701 and all my wonderful colleagues.

I am going to miss cycling to work. Come Monday morning, I will join the sea of rush hour commuters, packed like sardines on our overcrowded MRT trains.


  1. big loss to SPH 🙁

    I dont know the full story but from an outsiders POV it was crazy of them to transfer you to ST701 when you were so perfect at what you did at omy.

  2. Oh no! it means you are now officially eligible to join Singapore Blog Awards as a contestant (if you want)!

    Tough(er) Competition coming up soon!!
    Anyways, Congrats and All The Best @ NewsCorp !

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