Changi Airport's #SilentSoldiers - Alvinology

Changi Airport’s #SilentSoldiers

To operate a world-class airport, it is not just the management team that matters, but every single individual, right down to the operations staff.

Changi Airport came up with a series of videos to showcase and feature some of their “#SilentSoldiers” who are seldom in the limelight, but are just as important in building Changi Airport to what it is today.

Changi Airport's #SilentSoldiers - Alvinology
Changi’s #SilentSoldiers

The first video features Changi’s operations team. Bobby Chua, Manager, Control & Communications Systems, Engineering & Development Group, speaks on what it’s like being a Changi #SilentSoldier:

The second video featured Khaja and his horticulture team who are #SilentSoldier behind Changi Airport’s beautiful gardens:

To find out more about the #SilentSoldier at Changi Airport, you can follow Changi Airport on their official FacebookTwitter, Instagram or YouTube accounts.

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