Alvinology is a Mentor for YOUTH.SG's Campus Spy Program - Alvinology

Alvinology is a Mentor for YOUTH.SG’s Campus Spy Program

YOUTH.SG Campus Spy

When the folks from YOUTH.SG approached me to mentor young web writers for their Campus Spy program, I agreed without hesitation.

YOUTH.SG was where I honed and polished my skills at online marketing and writing as an ex-Portal Manager who took care of everything related to the website, ranging from HR to finance to vendors management to readership to marketing. It was where I met my wife Rachel and many life-long friends like Melvin Ryan Tan and Kenny Lim.

It feels great to contribute back.

Ultimate Campus SpyWhat is the YOUTH.SG Campus Spy program about?

The Youth.SG Ultimate Campus Spy Network is a group of student bloggers who are passionate about voicing out their daily life in school. Campus spies will give an insider’s look at their school scene and bring to light issues that are left under the radar. Be it coverage on cool events happening in school or observations on quirky campus trends, campus spies will give an insight to these matters and basically anything that piques the interest of the spies and their readers.

More details are available here.

My job as a mentor was to share some tips on online writing and growing readership once every two months.

A few weeks ago, we had our first sharing session at Pigeonhole at Duxton Road. Other mentors who contributed include DK, Alexis and Ding Neng:

The editor of YOUTH.SG greeting the group of campus spies
The assistant editor of YOUTH.SG greeting the group of campus spies
Young aspiring writers
Young aspiring writers

Do check out the young writers’ postings about the latest happenings, events and trends in their respective campuses.

There is a much larger network of Campus Spies this year compared to the first edition. I counted more than a dozen enthusiastic students from different schools during the sharing session. 🙂

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