[Halloween for Kids] KidZania Singapore’s SpookyTown 2: The Masquerade Hunt

For regular visitors to KidZania Singapore, isn’t it so upsetting for the little ones when it’s closing time after a day of role-playing fun? What if Kidzania Singapore is open in the night too and with a slew of interesting, addition activities for the whole family?

For a limited time period around Halloween, families can look forward to a night of family-friendly adventure that will involve gathering clues and embarking on The Masquerade Hunt after last year’s successful debut of KidZania Singapore’s Halloween night event SpookyTown.

This Halloween, the sequel titled SpookyTown 2: The Masquerade Hunt will take place over seven select nights from 25 October to 9 November. I attended the media preview last Friday evening with my son Asher and here are some pictures and videos to share from the event:

SpookyTown is built upon a series of bizarre events that surround the fictitious town and its citizens. Families can look forward to a different tale unfolding each year. Suitable for families with kids aged 3 and above, there will be a range of activities such as engaging sensory walkthroughs, musical performances, masquerade mask-making, carnival booths, themed role-play and more.

This year, KidZania Singapore will once again be transformed into SpookyTown, where the story left off last year – the cure was found and all the town’s citizens were transformed back to their usual selves. But alas, it was revealed that the explosion was caused by Mayor Fabiola and she has disappeared.

Although Asher and I did not attend Spooky Town last year, we were still able to enjoy ourselves very much at the event. A free Spooky Case File that comes with a map and activities list is given to all guests at arrival. From there, you can then figure out what mysteries you want to solve and which activities you would like to partake in.

On top of the cast from last year, three brand new SpookyTown characters are introduced – Quinn, the grumpy leader; Ginn, the hysterical doll; and Tinn, the oblivious monkey – to help guests embark on The Masquerade Hunt to help find Mayor Fabiola.

For me, one of the biggest draw was the role-play element as I could get Asher to talk to strangers and build up his speech confidence. Due to his eagerness to solve the mystery at Spookytown, Asher momentarily forgets his shyness and was running around chatting with all the costume characters for clues.

Solving the mystery and role-playing is not all there is to do. Kidzania Singapore has also kept some of their usual role-play stations open, but with a Halloween twist. More details below.

SpookyTown 2: The Masquerade Hunt event highlights include:

Main Activities:

  • Spooky Case Files
    Visit all the locations where Mayor Fabiola was last seen to complete your Spooky Case Files. Look forward to receive giveaways from valued partners – Discovery, Maybank, Sunshine, SUNSTAR and Win2 upon completion! Each Kid will receive a copy of the Spooky Case Files upon admission.
  • Marvellous Mask Shop by MuzArt
    Venue: Job Information Centre
    This is where you will craft your very own Masquerade Ball mask and look out for a clue to help you locate Mayor Fabiola.
  • Mayor Fabiola’s Mansion
    Venue: Stadium
    Sneak into Mayor’s Mansion where Mayor Fabiola resides. Families can embark on a sensory walk-through of the various rooms and pick up a clue to which dress she will be wearing to the Masquerade Ball.
  • The Marketplace
    Venue: City Streets
    Play carnival games and browse the stores, as you try to uncover what Mayor Fabiola stole from one of them. She was last seen trying on a hat from Hector’s Wacky Hat Shop.
  • Whimsical Garden
    Venue: Shopping Alley
    Where weird and wonderful plants reside, this is the perfect place for some photo moments and also find out what Mayor Fabiola took from here. Remember to collect your share of Haribo candies before you leave.
  • The Masquerade Ball
    Venue: Main Square
    Time: 8pm and 9pm
    SpookyTown’s citizens are out to dance the night away, and rumour has it that Mayor Fabiola will be there too in disguise. Put together your clues and pick her out from the crowd. Be sure to catch a special pre-show performance by Académie of Stars 15 minutes before each Masquerade Ball commences.

Fringe Activities:

  • Ballroom Dance at the SpookyTown Dance Academy
    Venue: Driving Street
    Put on your dancing shoes and learn the dance steps before heading to the Masquerade Ball. Don’t forget to collect your Haribo candies after the class!
  • Best-dressed Family Award
    Come in your Masquerade best and stand a chance to win the Best-dressed Family Award at the end of each night. Stand to walk away with KidZania Singapore tickets and prizes from MILKCANANIME worth a total of more than S$300.
  • Fashion Fever Dress-up
    Venue: Department Store
    Put your memory to the test as you dress up the mannequins based on the photo you just saw. You will receive some sweet treats upon completion.
  • Fear Box Challenge
    Venue: Newspaper Edition
    Test your sense of touch as you put your hand through Tinn’s box of hoarding horrors.
  • Halloween-themed Colouring Activity by MILKCANANIME
    Venue: City Streets
    Get creative and add some colours to the Halloween-themed colouring pages.
  • Spooktacular Street Show
    Venue: Hotel Flamingo
    Don’t miss out on this spooktacular sight as the SpookZ couple reveal how the three puppets – Quinn, Ginn, and Tinn, were created.
  • Time-out with Ginn
    Venue: Theatre
    Find out first-hand from the SpookZ couple on how Dr. SpookZ became a famous alchemist, and what exactly happened during the explosion last year as they join Ginn, the hysterical doll, for her talk show.

Themed Role-play:

  • Height of Fright by CAMP CHALLENGE
    Venue: Mountaineering School
    Overcome your fear and conquer the Height of Fright as you collect as many candies as you can!
  • SpookyTimes Delivery
    Venue: Courier Service
    Navigate through the streets and deliver the citizens’ daily dose of SpookyTown’s current events.
  • SpookyTown Tour by WTS Travel
    Venue: Travel Agency
    Take part in a curated tour of SpookyTown and learn more about the town’s history and remarkable landmarks.
  • SpookyTunes by Music Lifestyle
    Venue: Music Studio
    Groove to the beat with percussions and other instruments as you prepare to put on a musical show.

SpookyTown 2: The Masquerade Hunt

Event dates: Friday to Sunday, 25 to 27 October 2019
Friday and Saturday, 1 and 2 November 2019
Friday and Saturday, 8 and 9 November 2019
Time: 6:30pm – 10pm
Venue: KidZania Singapore, Palawan Kidz City
31 Beach View, #01-01/02, Singapore 098008

Ticket Prices: S$43 (Advanced Purchase until 11.59pm on day before selected date)
S$48 (On-site Purchase)

For more information on SpookyTown 2: The Masquerade Hunt, visit the official Facebook page.


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