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The Good Old Days: Singapore MRT Trains in 1991

The Good Old Days
The Good Old Days

There was a time when we were not packed like sardines in our MRT trains, jostling for seats, taking pictures of each other to submit to STOMP for all kinds of minor space encroachment.

There was a time when the MRT trains were beaming icons of a world class transport system in the region; efficient and providing commuters with sufficient seats and a comfortable journey at a low price.

These were just about a decade ago in the 90s. Here’s a wonderful video of how good life was, commuting on the MRT trains in 1991:

I remember how proud I was of Singapore when my parents took me on my first ride in a MRT train when it was launched in 1987.

Isn’t it ironic how our public transport system have regressed in the past decades while our COE prices hit record highs along with rising GDP and increased cost of living?

The worse thing is… transport experts predict that Singaporeans will have to put up with at least three more years of squeezing in and out of crowded trains.

Poor planning?

Corporate arrogance?

What went wrong?

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