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Have a Break and Chill Out On Cooling-Off Day

Take a Break...
Take a Break...

Tired of the sensory overload of information for the upcoming elections this Saturday?

Tomorrow is the government-mandated Cooling-Off Day.

The mainstream media will be taking a break.

You can take a break too to hang out at the beach or have a dinner gathering with close friends, whatever rocks your boat.

I love to travel, hence for me, the perfect break would be to be able to fly away for an exotic holiday.

Realistically  though, a good break for me tomorrow would be to be able to laze on my living room sofa for some quiet reading while munching on my favourite snacks like a bar of Kit Kit for instance.

With a good break comes a clearer brain. With a clearer brain, you would be better able to consider your choices carefully and vote wisely the next day. 🙂

This post is written as a sample blog entry for Kit Kat ®’s Yer Big Break! Blogging Challenge, brought to you by Kit Kat ® and omy.sg:

Kit Kat's Yer Big Break!
Kit Kat ®'s Yer Big Break!

The blogging challenge is in conjunction with Kit Kat ®’s Yer Big Break! – a contest organised by Kit Kat ® for illustrators, designers and artists to give their own creative spin on what taking a break means to them.

More about Yer Big Break!

Illustrators, designers and artists! Fancy seeing your artwork ply the streets on a public bus? Simply create an original piece of art that is your interpretation of taking a break, and stand to win $1000 cash, as well as a chance for your design to be exhibited, produced and distributed island-wide – including a bus-wrap showcase!

Your piece can be an illustration, a photographic collage, a typography design or anything you can imagine, as long as it is two-dimensional and features a significant amount of KIT KAT ® red.

Flex your creative muscles as individuals or teams of 3 or less!


1) Original artwork should be done in at least A3 size, 300dpi, and must feature a significant amount of KIT KAT ® red.

2) Submissions must be made in pdf format no larger than 2MB in size (low-res preview)
Submissions must include:

(i) Artwork
(ii) Minimum 30 word description of how the artwork represents ‘taking a break’
(iii) Your full name, IC no, email address and mobile number
(iv) Email submissions to [email protected] before 20 June 2011.

Shortlisted finalists will be informed via phone and email, by July 2011.


1) 70% Creativity/Originality/Aesthetic Value
Are your design ideas beautiful, smart, unique and downright cool?
Does it make us go WOW and wish we’d thought of that first?

2) 30% Theme Fulfillment
How well does the artwork reflect the theme of ‘taking a break’?
Does it feature the KIT KAT ® red?

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