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Domino’s Pizza in Singapore

My pizzas order from Domino's
My pizzas order from Domino's

After a long hiatus, Domino’s Pizza is back again in Singapore. I have made two delivery orders with their one-for-one promotional coupons and so far, the experience has been great.

The pizzas are definitely not of gourmet pizza standards, but are good enough for delivery pizza standard where the key factor for me is the speed of the delivery.

9" (regular) Hawaiian Paradise and Extravaganzza
9" (regular) Hawaiian Paradise and Extravaganzza
9" (regular) Meatzza and Extravaganzza with Golden Roasted Drumlets
9" (regular) Meatzza and Extravaganzza with Golden Roasted Drumlets

As part of their sales and marketing strategies to differentiate themselves from the many other pizza chains in Singapore, Domino’s committed itself to the following five service guarantees:

30-Minutes Delivery Guarantee
Domino’s guarantees delivery order to arrive within 30 minutes, else they will give you a free Regular Pizza voucher.

Product Satisfaction Guarantee
Pizzas are guaranteed to be hot and fresh when it arrives at your doorstep, otherwise Domino’s will replace your order or refund your money.

15-Minute Take-Away Guarantee
Domino’s guarantees you will get your Take-Away orders within 15 minutes or they will give you a free Personal Pizza voucher.

Nett Pricing
Domino’s pricing is all inclusive. There’s no extra charges for delivery, ERP or GST. Prices are as per stated on the menu.

I would think such consumers’ guarantees must be common in the US where Domino’s originates from, but in Singapore, our consumers’ rights to better services are often short-changed. Hence I appreciate that Domino’s Pizza Singapore opted to honour the same service guarantees as in the US.

The 30 minutes guarantee is the point that impressed me most. On both occasions when I made my order, I was on my way back home from office after clocking in overtime till around 9pm. I was hungry and needed dinner fast.

I timed the order from the moment I got off the phone with the Domino’s operator till the moment the delivery guy rung on my doorbell with my pizzas in hand.On both occasions, the orders came in under 25 minutes. Pretty impressive; especially for the first order as it was raining quite heavily and traffic conditions must have been bad.

In fact, you can even track the delivery status of your pizza via GPS on the official Domino’s Pizza Singapore website by registering an account with them. Pretty nifty for Gan Cheong spiders.

GPS Tracker for your pizza order!
GPS Tracker for your pizza order!

To order pizza delivery from Domino’s, you can either dial their hotline at 6222 6333 or via their website. Operation hours are from 11am to 11pm daily.

Domino’s Pizza currently has five outlets in Singapore and is certified halal:

No.301, Tanjong Katong Road

71 & 71A, Killiney Road

943/945 Upper Serangoon Road 534710 Singapore

369 Sembawang Rd

No.8, Chun Tin Road

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