iTwin – World’s First Plug N Play Device for Secure Remote File Access

iTwin launch in Singapore, all photos provided by ICON International Communications
iTwin launch in Singapore, all photos provided by ICON International Communications

Last Tuesday, Technology start-up iTwin unveiled their plug ‘n’ play device, iTwin, that enables simple and safe data transfer between two online computers.

The device is Singapore-developed, which is why I am plugging it here as I believe in supporting our home-grown talents. 🙂

Media and bloggers at the launch
Media and bloggers at the launch

I did not get to try out the device as I missed the launch event due to work commitment. From the press release, it is said to allow users to easily upload, download, or edit any file on either computer, creating a robust, peer-to-peer, hardware-enabled, AES-256 encrypted connection between the two computers:

The two halves of iTwin are first paired on a user’s computer, creating a crypto key which is specific to the device. Only the two halves of the user’s iTwin know the key. Plug the halves into the USB ports of any two online computers, anywhere in the world, and iTwin works like the two ends of a cable, without the cable.

The iTwin provides superior data security. Unlike a USB flash drive, no data is stored in the iTwin device and there is no danger of any sensitive personal or business information being lost if a device is misplaced. The iTwin allows for a password to be set up before file access is allowed, and the device can be easily disabled remotely.

Simplicity is another of iTwin’s benefits. When the iTwin is plugged into a computer, it automatically connects to its “twin” device over the Internet, whether that computer is nearby or half-way around the world. A familiar Windows Explorer user interface is used to view files, access remote files, or copy files from one computer to the other. If two colleagues need to share a set of documents, access can be provided to both parties using iTwin, allowing for instant edits without the hassle of e-mailing revisions of the files.

iTwin website
iTwin website

More information about this nifty device is available via the official website where you can also purchase the device, retailing at SGD144.10 (inclusive of GST, shipping and handling charges).

For Mac-users like me, iTwin is currently not Mac compatible.

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