Singapore super scammer, James Phang

James Phang: “I am a legend and better than Warren Buffett”

The evil Sunshine Empire scamming trio are going to jail. Justice is finally served.

As a tribute to the founder of Sunshine Empire, Mr James Phang, I have compiled a series of exciting videos of him performing at various Sunshine Empire concerts around the world to commemorate his flamboyant past.

James Phang performing the 霍云甲 theme song in Macau:

[youtube url=”″]

Performing the song, 精舞门 in Genting:

[youtube url=”″]

Performing the song, 精舞门 again, this time at Singapore EXPO:

[youtube url=”″]

One of my favourites, a montage of James Phang’s achievements through the years:

[youtube url=”″]

老鼠爱大米 music video on the story of James Phang and Sunshine Empire:

[youtube url=”″]

The videos are really good for a laugh. I still cannot fathom how over 20,000 people get conned of over S$180 million in 15 months by this goon.

You can read more about James Phang via my previous posts.

I suppose greed blinds people. Sunshine Empire’s lure was the astronomical returns they promise their investors. James Phang even claimed he was “a Legend and better than Warren Buffett” in a Straits Times interview in 2008.

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