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Jack Neo (梁智强)’s “Woman No Enough (女人不够)”

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Coming Soon...

I watched with amusement as Singapore’s most famous movie director, Jack Neo (梁智强) falls deeper and deeper into his extra-marital affairs scandal.

The first news report came out on Saturday, 6 March, on the front page of Lianhe Wanbao:

Wanbao cover page - 6 Feb 2010 (Sat)
Wanbao cover page - 6 March 2010 (Sat)

A 22-year-old freelance model, Wendy Chong (钟佳燕) had went to confront Jack Neo’s wife, Mdm Irene Kng about her affair with Jack, 50 (btw, he has a 19 year-old daughter, just slightly younger than Wendy).

Singaporeans were stunned as Jack always had a wholesome image via his family-oriented heartland movies and old TV shows. Some brushed the scandal off as publicity for his new movie, but I doubt any sane person would go to such an extent to drag his whole family in just for publicity.

Today, another 25-year-old actress/singer, Le Xuan (乐轩) came out the box and exposed Jack’s alleged indecent advances made to her when she was still an artiste under J team, Jack’s talent management company. Here’s the Wanbao cover:

Wanbao cover page, 8 Feb 2010
Wanbao cover page, 8 March 2010

Why am I not surprise?

If there’s one, there’s two and there will be three, four, five, six and many more. Just like Tiger Woods.

Track the news report for the next few days or even weeks – I am sure more dabian will be coming out of the closet.

Stealing one apple is a crime. Stealing ten apples is still the same crime.

Once there was Edison Chen. Then there was Tiger Wood. Now, Jack Neo is starring in a reality show of his own – “Woman No Enough (女人不够)”, coming to major newspapers, news websites and television stations near you.

What is missing now is the leaked sex tape or photos. I won’t be surprise if such things surface soon.

Anyway, here are some of the current news updates on the scandal:

08/03/2010 [梁智强婚外情]牧师受访:智强没逃避 一直想解决

08/03/2010 [梁智强婚外情]女模昨天亲戚家住

08/03/2010 [梁智强婚外情]自爆丑闻有阴谋 网民骂女模贱货

08/03/2010 [梁智强婚外情]算命师傅曾预言 梁智强50岁面临大危机

08/03/2010 [梁智强婚外情]《做人》首4天 票房42万元

08/03/2010 [梁智强婚外情]中峇鲁酒店幽会 地点方便大门隐密

08/03/2010 [梁智强婚外情]国煌明年1月 自立门户

08/03/2010 [梁智强婚外情]梁太开腔:我和孩子都很好

08/03/2010 [梁智强婚外情]梁导偷吃风暴造假 好友6点反驳

08/03/2010 [梁智强婚外情]婚外情遭质疑做假 记者公开6小时采访过程

08/03/2010 [梁智强婚外情]梁太时间不够用 梁家班将解散

08/03/2010 [梁智强婚外情]圈内人:梁智强嫩草熟女 大小通吃

08/03/2010 [梁智强婚外情]女模:智强送我第一份礼物是心形坠子

08/03/2010 [梁智强婚外情]爆出第2号嫩草--乐轩

08/03/2010 [梁智强婚外情]女模:再回头我也不要他

08/03/2010 [梁智强婚外情] 经理人:安顿太太孩子后梁智强将一次过说清楚

07/03/2010 女模发现:梁智强与女编剧网上聊天露骨

07/03/2010 圈内人列疑点 梁智强爆婚外情为炒电影《做人》

07/03/2010 女模:事发前5天 还与梁智强上床

07/03/2010 梁智强与女模认识仅一个月 车上发生关系

07/03/2010 女模指梁智强想重温恋爱

07/03/2010 曾因绯闻多 梁智强妻子要离婚

07/03/2010 杨荣文部长:梁智强勇于坦白是对的

07/03/2010 梁智强一家漏液 住酒店避风头

07/03/2010 女模:发生关系隔天 我主动提分手

07/03/2010 梁智强求女模:放我一条生路

07/03/2010 李国煌想掴梁智强两巴掌

06/03/2010 梁智强爆婚外情 嫩草老婆3方谈判4小时

You can also visit his blog to give him some encouraging words to tide him through this trying period or simply to give him a piece of your mind.

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  1. oh yeah, isn’t he attending city harvest church? I still remember seeing him when I’ve attended a year or 2 ago.

    he also gave a testimony on how god changed his life and stuff

  2. I dun really like him any way. He runs away from all this when the girl is brave enough to tell the truth… This show how much a man he is….He spoil the image of his company because every1 had to sleep with him to get a $300 odd job… He is not fit to director any movies because every girl working under that company risk being labelled a whore…. so sad good bye to his career liao

  3. Jack is really terrible! I only pity the kids. I agree that the wife is also a victim. However, she should have divorced him & try to stand up on her own instead of depending on such a man! I think whatever a person do, he has to answer for it. So everyone should boycott his movies! He doesn’t even show that he is remorseful about it at the press conference! Worst is he even got the wife to go! A director who films “moral” film but doesn’t do what he preach. Its exactly like a police officer who should portray integrity. However, a police officer commit a crime, he is punished severely (worse off than the civilians). So this should be the way for Jack!

  4. I hope everybody leave Mr Jack Neo alone and give hime some breathing space. Why has not anybody question the background of the mistress, the model? What are the occupations of her parents? These are questions which are still not answered. Please stop all these hurtful comments. Please stop gossipping and stopped your poison mouths. Mouths are meant to used for means of communications, not gossipping and hurt peoples’ feelings. You know how to spell the word feelings? Yes, Mr Jack Neo is at fault for having an affair with the mistress, the model, but I think there is a mastermind out there controlling these ‘mistresses’ to come forward to extort money from Mr Jack Neo and be famous at the same time. Shame on them! I still think that the background of the mistress, the model is questionable. I heard she is not a full-time model, but just only a freelance model.

  5. The mistress, the model should know that Mr Jack Neo will not be with her for too long, so naive. I wonder how her parents brought her up, to snatch peoples’ husbands! I think that people should give some breathing space for Mr Jack Neo and his family. I hope people can think this incident from all angles. I think there is a mastermind out there controlling this incident. I think that somebody is trying to stop the movie from making profits, that particular person wants to make Mr Jack Neo goes down, and that person is not the mistress, the model, but the mastermind who controlls her!

  6. Jingjing, what a nonsensical comment. What has the mistress/model’s (and we’re not talking about 1 but like 10 of them?) parents got to do with it or whether the lady is a freelance model? And what’s with the conspiracy theory? Jeez. We make decisions for ourselves, we have to face up to them just like Jack has to live with the consequences of his actions. Anyway I think it is time to let this whole farce go and stop with all the judgments and comments…aren’t you all tired of hearing and talking about it yet?

  7. jingjing, you think too much liao… Nobody can make Jack goes down but himself.. Dun be so naive ok? If Jack never sleep with younger women in the first place because of his lust, then nobody can make Jack goes down.. Stop using a mastermind as an excuse for a choice Jack himself made to sleep with women and give them jobs at his movies…… He spoil his company image, spoil his reputation and end his career…No Girls would want to work under him anymore because he likes to sleep with younger hot girls… Its his own fault and stupidity for giving into his own lust….Stop using mastermind as an excuse for Jack’s Own Lust for girls

  8. This is his private life, we dont pay him for his living, we dont teach him how to live his family life, the media are the 1 fried up the story picture, just as when he make money thru the media for his movie. He should learn this expensive mistake.

    Learn from Bill Clinton, turn the table around & end of the day, the bad image refer to slut. bill Clinton still remain as per famous as good.

  9. Hello singaporean,

    Americans may accept an adulterous Ex President.
    Singaporean now accepts a many-times adulterous director, too?
    Have you gone so low as a Singaporean?

  10. We should support Jack neo, rally around him, give him and his family moral support.
    These is what our Foreign Minister, Mr George Yeo had said. Even the popular and influential City Harvest pastor have shown obvious support, we should do as told.

    Lets commit the same, then ask for forgiveness, its nothing major, adultery will be our future hobby for all singaporeans or anyone in this country regardless of age, race or religion. Free For All.

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