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McDonald decided to have the Pig Doraemon afterall

Behold the mighty pig Doraemon that got Singaporeans so worked up
Behold the mighty pig Doraemon that got Singaporeans so worked up

Via McDonald Singapore website:

We could never have anticipated how passionate Singapore is about our Doraemon lucky charms. A happy community is important to us, and it was never our intention to offend anyone.

Therefore we are grateful for your feedback. This, we believe, is the backbone of McDonald’s™ relationship with you. You tell us, we listen.

We are doing our best to make things right. And as you have requested, we will bring in the Doraemon ‘pig’ lucky charm to complete your collection in mid-April owing to production schedule.

Just a small favour: Please indicate* below your interest to purchase Doraemon ‘pig’ lucky charm at $2 each (all nett proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald Children’s Charity™). We really want to make sure there are enough stocks to meet your needs.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of McDonald’s™.

There’s finally a conclusion to this quirky little episode of the missing pig in the latest series of McDonald toy offering.

McDonald first claimed in a reply published in the Straits Times that the Doaraemon toys were not meant to be a Chinese Zodiac set in the first place and were instead, “lucky charms”. Hence the pig was replaced with a “Cupid” since the launch date coincides with Valentine’s Day.

It’s a lame excuse – eleven out of the other twelve toys coincide with eleven animals in the Chinese Zodiac, sans the pig. Not Chinese Zodiac indeed…

From the start, McDonald could have avoided this problem altogether by offering BOTH the pig and the Cupid Doraemon. In this way, both Muslims and Chinese customers’ “sensitivities” would have been taken into account.

Nonetheless, I do applaud the McDonald Singapore management for churning out this pig offer in such a short lead time. It shows that McDonald do listen and response to their customers.

Now that everyone can  get their pig or Cupid Doraemon, let’s move on. There are more pressing national issues. 🙂

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