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13-year-olds “Guai Lan Kian/ Gangsters”

Hardcore gangsters?
Hardcore gangsters?

Found this facebook group called “TAOEH, WE GUAILAN-ED GUAILANKIA!” For those who don’t know Hokkien, it’s literally translated as “Boss, we punk-ed the little punks!”

The group aggregated a few blogs started by a bunch of 13 to 14-year-old kids to profess their devotion to  some sort of “brotherhood/gang” called “TIONGXIM” (literally translated as “loyal”).

They gave themselves nicknames like “TAOEH” (boss), “ZHONG” (supervisor) and “GINNA” (foot soldier). Familiar street gang lingo in the 80s.

The kids blogged about how they bullied people at school, smoke and engaged in other activities kids their age shouldn’t be doing.

Some of the kids’ blogs:




I find it an intriguing phenomenon that young kids are openly blogging about their wayward behaviour on PUBLIC blogs – as if in open defiant to their parents, schools or the relevant authorities.

It’s not a healthy trend. Maybe a term should be coined for this and a proper social study thesis done to equip parents and schools with better knowledge on dealing with this phenomenon – how about the term “cyber-defiance”?

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  1. Okay lah. The facebook group growing very fast xia… the kids actually left their handphone numbers on their blogs inviting potential gang members to call them…

  2. Haha, a new term isn’t needed. It’s the same rebellious (and in this case misguided) spirit of youth utilizing the current technology. Haha! And after clicking on the blog links it looks like they have all closed the blogs. Rebellious until someone actually took notice. 🙂 Good job in making them realize that they really aren’t the gangsters that they envision themselves to be. (That’s a good thing).

  3. aiya!! That’s not gang!! Not even close to being called a GANGSTER. Oh please, that’s just a group of boys who cant behave themselves properly and act all drama-gangster in Singapore. To be frank, there are NOOO SUCH THING as gangster in Singapore. Period.

  4. Seriously, gangsters themselves think that they are cool and can do anything. But really, do you even know that you are a disgrace to Singapore? Like seriously, the olden gangsters in the 40s or 60s is really, i mean REALLY protecting the area in their hometown. What about now? Juveniles go around singapore to ” guailan ” people or make trouble.

  5. group of small kids who dun know about real gangs in singapore… those real gangs in singapore are much more powerful and well organsie though they are not as gd as thoes oversea… only dare to bully those weak ones in school and they call themseft gangster… if this group of small kids meet those who are real gangster they will be the one who being bully… but most gangster won’t give a damn to them coz by bully this kind of small kids will make their own gang lose face…

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