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Simply submit pictures of your friends (the more the merrier) or yourself grooving to the beat and stand to win movie tickets to acclaimed director, Stephen Chow’s latest production, JUMP《跳出去》.

The four best entries will win 5 pairs of tickets each (that’s a total of 10 tickets each!) – for you to watch the movie together with all your friends who posed with you in the picture.

Personally, I think this contest is great for groups of friends to join together. It would be fun to win tickets together for a mass movie outing to usher in the new year. It’s not that hard after all – just some jumping or dancing shots.

Here’s a sample photo of my friend, Jeremy and I, taken at the Baby Taj in India:

Woo hoooooooo!

Woo hoooooooo!

The movie synopsis is available here. Movie trailer:

[youtube url=””]

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