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Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant @ Upper Thomson Road

Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant @ Upper Thomson Road
Shop front

Shop front

I am not a big fan of Korea food, but for some inexplicable reason, Rachel and I both had a sudden craving for Korean food one day and we decided to check out Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant, located at Upper Thomson Road.

Rachel said that this one of our friend, Melvin Ryan Tan’s favourite restaurant. Hence our expectations were high when we stepped in.

We ordered rice, beef bulgogi and ginseng chicken soup. The portions were quite large and we figured that what we ordered was actually enough to serve up to four people.

As per traditional Korean restaurants, pickled veggies, including the ubiquitous kimchi was served as complementary starters while we waited for our food to arrive.

The pickled stuff was pretty good and the two of us actually gobbled up all that was served.

We enjoyed the ginseng chicken soup. The chicken was stewed so soft that the bones melt in your mouth (really) when you pop in it. You can literally eat up the entire chicken, bones and all. The ginseng was also soft and soggy – Rachel and I divided it and gobbled it up too.

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The only disappointment was the beef bulgogi which was served cold. The meat was tough and lacks texture.

Restaurant interior

Restaurant interior

Complementary pickled veggies

Complementary pickled veggies

Rachel portioning the ginseng chicken soup

Rachel portioning the ginseng chicken soup

The chicken has been brewed so soft that you can chew up the bones

The chicken has been brewed so soft that you can chew up the bones

Beef bogalog

Beef bulgogi

The service was very good. The staff work fast and are very attentive, refilling our drinks, wiping the table at every instances.

The total bill came to around S$50. It’s actually reasonably priced, but more appropriate to dine in with upwards of four people instead of two as the portions  are quite large.

Here’s the restaurant’s address:

265 Upper Thomson Road
Tel: +65 6452 2112

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  1. melvin

    it’s my fave KOREAN restaurant not my all-time fave hor…. HAHAHA

    now u make me want to eat korean food! 🙁


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