PSC Chairman Eddie Teo, picture via PSC website

PSC Chairman Eddie Teo, picture via PSC website

“Being critical means you care about our nation and want to improve things and correct what you think is wrong. Being sceptical means you are not naive and do not accept everything you read or hear.

The public service is not looking for conformists and ‘yes-men’, but people who dared to think and question existing policies. Even a few mavericks – people with unconventional viewpoints who are willing to challenge assumptions – will be useful because they will add vitality and diversity to the service.”

Chairman of Public Service Commission (PSC), Eddie Teo

Source: Give PSC the ‘real’ you (Straits Times, 25 July 2009)

I was not bright enough in my younger days to be offered a chance for a PSC scholarship interview. Anyway, I always had the impression they were looking for ‘yes-men’ and having been mostly a non-conformist most of my life, I highly doubted I would have gotten an offer even if I am eligible. That’s why the comments above came across as rather comical to me. Since we are encouraged to be sceptical and cynical, what if I were to tell Mr Eddie Teo that I am sceptical and cynical to his comment that PSC is not looking for ‘yes-men’? πŸ™‚

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