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Vietnamese Mail Order Bride (Singapore)

Vietnamese Mail Order Bride (Singapore)
Will you pay S$10,000 to pay one of them?

Will you pay S$10,000 to pay one of them?

Via an Al Jazeera documentary posted on youtube. The video below makes me sad. Both for the Vietnamese girls selling away their lives and the fact that more and more Singaporean men are resorting to “buying” their brides from poorer Asian countries.

The male to female ratio in Singapore is equal. Why are there not enough Singaporean women to go around? Are more Singaporean women marrying foreigners or choosing to remain single for live?

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In the video, a Vietnamese bride can be “purchased” on-the-spot for S$10,000. The girl on the right was only 18-years-old when she was sold to a 35 year-old Singaporean man who went to the matchmaking agency to choose his bride together with his mom.

What’s even more humiliating, the girls were made to visit a clinic in Singapore to get a certificate verifying their virginity before they can be sold.

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While both the Vietnamese girls and the Singaporean men who entered into such marriages are willing adults, I wonder how many of such couples end up truly happy.

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  1. GreatSage

    It’s sad to see this happening in Singapore. This is not match-making but trade.

  2. Passer By

    Some Singaporean men are so immature and shallow.

    They view marriage as an opportunity to score a prize, a trophy they can show off to the world. Oh, my wife is a virgin. Oh, she does everything I wish for. She speaks softly, she does not have opinions, she does not argue. She worships my toes.

    Such men see wives as things, mere objects they can buy and own, no different from a car or a house. And they lack the maturity to view marriage and a spouse as something more, for companionship and for support.

  3. Priscilla

    Any wonder why Singaporean women are choosing to stay single now? lol

  4. Henry

    “Faint heart never won fair lady.”
    I would recommend Singaporean men to daringly go after Singaporean women.

    But, I think each have their right to pursue their form of happiness, including Singaporean men who chose to marry Vietnamese wife.

  5. Justin See

    Money certainly make the world goes around. But Its just so insulting.
    Cant believe Singaporean are doing such a thing.

    Nothing to be proud about living in such a city with people of such mentality.

  6. Vijay Eswaran

    I believe the “Singaporean men” here are those in the lower rungs of the social ladder and hence, may have difficulty attracting our local women, who are generally perceived to have high demands and go after successful men. So I don’t think they’re all to be blame – Singaporeans are very realistic these days.

  7. Matthew Chua

    Vietnamese bride make better bride than Singapore Girls. There are two advantages: you help the girl out of poverty and you get a better wife who care for you by action like cooking, taking care of parents.
    Everyone want a piece of mind. Singaporean men are people who really think through simulation before comitting to action.

  8. Martin Wong

    While in Singapore, most of the ladies station themselves at the Singapore Matchmakers’ offices in the daytime and at night they can be found at either Joo Chiat or Geylang. I myself met some of them at 2 pubs inside Golden Mile Tower and they
    told me that they were from the matchmakers’ offices upstairs.

  9. Anonymous

    Dear Matthew,

    My guess is that you want a servant, not a wife. You want someone who will kiss your feet when you get home and nod meekly when you speak with no opinions of her own. You want someone you can control and boss around and who will make your life easier by taking some of YOUR responsibilities off your shoulder.

    My guess is also that you don’t understand the real meaning of “marriage” and “spouse”. A “spouse” is your companion and someone who you should love and love you back. A “spouse” or “wife” is not someone you marry for convenience because she can clean your home. You want someone with opinions, who you can have fun with, who will tell you when you’re being an asshole, and who will support you when you’re feeling down. She should be your friend and your equal, not someone who waits on you hand and foot.

    So you see, Matthew, YOU are the perfect reason why women in Singapore shudder at the thought of the men in our country.

  10. Alex

    I believe the Singaporean men can look for vietnamese wifes as long as they are happy. People’s happiness are their own business.

    Like Vijay Eswaran pointed some have diffculty attracting in these case, Singaporean “Chinese” women to be exact. So this type of situation takes 2 to clap.

    So kids, lets move on.

  11. Whore Chi Minh

    I want a Singapore wife, not a Vietnamese servant. I want someone who will kick my feet when I get home and nag incessantly when I speak meekly with many opinions of her own. I want a Singapore woman to control and boss me around and who will make my life easier by telling me what to do all the time.

    I guess I don’t understand the real meaning of “wife”. A “wife” is my comrade and someone who I should smack and hit me back. A “wife” is someone I marry for convenience because she can hire a Vietnamese servant to clean our home. I want someone with opinions, who will have fun telling me when I’m being an asshole, and who will support me when I’m retired.
    She should be friendly and wait on me equally with hand and foot as well as an ice cold bottle of Tiger beer.

  12. Annneocy

    Really interesting topic going on here…Thanks alot for this usefull information really learnt alot from it and a good contribution by you on the web. Keep it up with good blogs like this.

  13. Ramone

    I think some Vietnamese woman are very beautiful, and the ones I have the privilege to know are not servants and slaves, but true companions and friends once they get to know you and you get to know them. As for other woman being bossy and pushy and demanding and not caring about a marriage as much as they care about themselves, I think that stems from western cultures. I was married once before to an Australian woman who was the most controlling person I ever knew. And she did not show this side until after we were married and she got what she wanted. It was only later that she stole all my money in my retirement and savings, started dating black hip hop men , and then announced she was divorcing me because I was ruining her social life!! You dont see this in many Vietnamese women yet, and that is refreshing and wonderful They are still compassionate and caring human beings who appreciate being treated like a woman, and equal in life, love and family. I would not buy a bride, but I would pay almost anything to find a woman like those you find in Vietnam and some other Asian countries. But still be careful, there are some westernized women everywhere. Another good reason not to buy but to date and have a relationship and then marry based on mutual companionship and desire.

  14. Singaporean

    Singaporean women simply cannot make it. Shallow and money-minded.

  15. Kingpin

    maybe Sg woman should realise they should change their princess attitude…. man want DEMURE wife…. not someone u still need to please like a fugging princess after a hard days work….call me a MCP… i dun give a fug..

    maybe WIFE has a meaning…. Washing, Ironing, Fxxking, Etc…. lol

  16. Hades

    To a Singaporean woman, equality means “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is also mine”.

    Singaporean women expect their men to put down $10k++ for a diamond ring, but if the same men asked them to fund their holiday to Hawaii, they’ll baulk.

    Singaporean women expect a man to earn more than them, work harder than them and yet come home and mind the kids, cook dinner and do the cleaning. If a man did that, he would be labelled as a ‘loser’.

    Singaporean women withhold sex from their man to get their way

    Singaporean women will claim that men deserve it for ‘years of women subjugation’ despite the fact that most of them don’t know one end of the frying pan from the other, can’t clean to save their lives, and rather put their kids in daycare than take care of them.

    Singaporean women call men shallow for going after Vietnamese brides and yet have no qualms about dating white men. I have nothing against white people, but the hypocrisy is startling.

    Singaporean women have forgotten what it is like to be a female.

    in short, they have ‘priced themselves out of the market’.

    • Andy Liu

      Extremely deep insights. Unfortunately many local girls fail to reflect on this and think they are God’s gift to all men.

  17. Robin Low

    3rd world women hoping to marry into the 1st world society for an express status inflation. Of course, those that work are generally genuine cases.

    Getting a wife from a bride-matching centre sounds odd; short-circuiting the gradual but necessary courtship path that is deemed necessary for healthy development of a long lasting marriage. All these ‘trades’ dilute instantly the fundamentals of a good traditional customs.

    Are we so busy (or impatient) to do our own search for our second half.

  18. An expat

    These issues are complex and therefore Singaporean men should give some considerations and dignity.

  19. Suresh

    Robin Low says
    “Getting a wife from a bride-matching centre sounds odd; short-circuiting the gradual but necessary courtship path that is deemed necessary for healthy development of a long lasting marriage. All these ‘trades’ dilute instantly the fundamentals of a good traditional customs”

    My parents met only three times before their arranged marriage. They stayed married and obviously in love for 47 years with 6 children and it were common for their generation and before to have arranged marriages. It was also a generation with far less divorces. Love is a decision more then a feeling. They are also from a generation in which men knew how to be men and women knew how to be women. Let’s face it, men and women are not equal- although the girls will insist and assert that they are. Just ask a girl what she kinda of car she dreams her husband will buy for…and then ask her what kind of car she dreams of buying for her husband. She’ll go ballistic. She’ll probably say that it’s his job to provide. Or in the face of danger, which girls will step in front of her man and say, “baby it’s okay, I’ll protect you”. Not unless she’s Lara croft.
    I’m 38, successful and reasonably good looking. You’ll have to take my word for it. I know many single ladies in Singapore. But I have met very few that make me want to get married. I want a girl who is feminine, Lady like, demure, soft,…well you get the picture. But some girls I meet in Singapore are a mix between Grace Jones and Tina turner from Madmax. And some are so aggressive and loud they’re almost guys. Just like you girls get turned of by wussy guys, most guys get turned off by macho girls. I blame MTV & Hollywood. Some of these “3rd world countries” are yet to be corrupted by these western values. Maybe that’s why we are looking over there. Don’t you think that we would go local if we could. There are so many reasons to promote that. I’ve been looking for a long time and I admit that it could be because something is defective in me. But about a year ago I met this great girl in India. She’s got a PhD and works with the UN. She is gentle, soft, and demure and she is a queen in every way. The best part is …she lets me be a King.
    And another thing for the Sing Girl ( sounds like Single kan)…If your standards weren’t so unrealistically high…maybe we could reach them.

  20. Me

    Yeah, viet bride for me! Have lived o/s b4, put off the marriage thing for way too long. Can say that sg girls are far from spectacular. Both in looks AND character. You can rationalize it all you want, but end of the day all a man wants from his woman is for her to make him feel like a man. Society and modern culture may say things have changed, but our primal instincts never change.

    No forward thinking man wants to marry knowing there’s going to be b.s. in his life for years to come. Having a job in SG is already bad enough. Unless you’re seriously masochistic….

    That guy got a good one.

  21. miss saigon pimp

    I want a Singapore wife, not a Vietnamese servant. I want someone who will kick my feet when I get home and nag incessantly when I speak meekly with many opinions of her own. I want a Singapore woman to control and boss me around and who will make my life easier by telling me what to do all the time.

    — you don’t want a singapore wife.. you want a filipina wife. LOL. i’m talking about high, opinionated, independent women with post-grad degrees.. not the domestic helpers loitering at Lucy Plaza..

    I guess I don’t understand the real meaning of “wife”. A “wife” is my comrade and someone who I should smack and hit me back. A “wife” is someone I marry for convenience because she can hire a Vietnamese servant to clean our home. I want someone with opinions, who will have fun telling me when I’m being an asshole, and who will support me when I’m retired.
    She should be friendly and wait on me equally with hand and foot as well as an ice cold bottle of Tiger beer.

    — you drink tiger? my goodness, that piss in a bottle pretending to be actual beer? yup, you are seriously masochistic.

  22. bao

    Well… i personally thinks that remarks from “Suresh” date 23rd Oct 2009 is very true… hmmm… alot of guys get married, buy “4 piece gold to wife” right? tables give parents all that… if we just think the 10K is paying for all this, will that be better??
    Seriously i think its not a very big issue here and need not be “insulting” one another in anyway… different people different thinking… different people different perception… as long as both parties happy with their marriage, we should be happy for them and wish them happiness… as simple as that, right?
    We are all born equal to this world… all born naked… so why must we (singaporean) think so high up of ourselves?? its only fortunate that we are born in this part of the world, received better education and abit well of than most of the countries out there… If we are born in their country, will we be thinking this way? Think about it…

  23. cresentia

    Hi Anonymous

    i like your opinions about marriage & spouse =D
    not many people do really care n understand about it!


  24. Tristen

    Singapore women are demanding, no two ways about it. Men want compromise and working together in a relationship. Singaporean women idea of relationship is ‘What is yours is mine, what is mine is mine and you can shut the f&#$ up”. It is easy to criticise the men to resort to such extremes to look for a wife, but think about it, it takes two to tango. If Singaporean women are not so money minded and throwing themselves to any guys with foreign passports, would the men resort to such tactics to get a satisfying relationship?
    I am not saying women with western value and high education value is a bad thing, but there is such a thing as compromise and work together to maintain a relationship. Singaporean women can be damn selfish and self-righteous. Ask any men.

  25. Public Eye

    Yep .
    singaporean women are reknown in ASEAN for being the most stucked up.. no make that asia,

  26. Foreign Woman Champion

    Singaporean women are inferior as marriage partners compared to foreign woman as they are too self-deluded and thick-skinned about their own expectations, beauty and quality. That’s the reason why our local Singaporean man prefers marrying foreign wives as foreign wives are indeed physically and innately more attractive than Singaporean woman.
    I am a good example of a Singaporean man who can easily match the materialistic and physical needs of the Singaporean woman but I prefer to marry a foreign wife as reality and facts have proven that foreign wives are indeed better than local Singaporean woman. Since young, I would never be interested in a Singapore woman and would never date a Singaporean woman given their attitude and the way they behave.
    As such, I have chosen a foreign woman as my marriage partner and is happily married ever after to my foreign wife.

    Singaporean man should not be discouraged if they can’t find a local wife as there is a much bigger foreign woman’s market out there where they can easily find a much better spouse than local Singaporean woman and my personal life testimony of marrying a foreign wife and enjoying such a happy, joyful and everlasting marriage with her is the best example for all my single Singapore male compatriots to follow.

  27. Bobby

    I prefer japanese gs

  28. Local singleman

    Dear Mr. Suresh (dated 23 oct 09),

    You r right! U have my full support to yr opinions!

  29. John


    No one dragged these girls to Singapore and they are both at least 18 years of age. If they aren’t selected for marriage or for some reason decide not to marry, they get sent back Vietnam. So…..what is the big deal?

  30. rob

    I know a few singaporean women. They are controling dominating selfserving and selfcentered. Their excuss for their behavior is that american women are the same way. Before anyone of european heritage open’s their mouth they need to look in to their own family history. A dowery was paid and required by many. As a matter of fact if you were to read the bible Abraham payed a dowery for his son Isaac’s wife Rebecca. what is the difference between paying a dowery and buying a bride? same thing in my opinion.

  31. rob

    ps. I would love to marry a Chinese Japanese or Vientamese girl. anything is better than a western type girl. And if she say’s she is a christian! run for all your worth away from her

  32. Honest opinion

    Majority of SG men are just looking for maids. So let them be, why complain about them choosing foreign brides? Come on, it’s not as if SG women are losing out!! It’s better for both parties because it seems like SG men and SG women are looking for completely different things in marriage.

    SG women, start expanding your horizons! There’s really no need to keep questioning about why SG men want to marry foreigners. Remember that everyone is free to marry whoever they want, it’s down to personal preference. So many of my SG women friends have found their soul mates when they went overseas to study or work & they are now happier than ever. Please don’t settle for convenience, you deserve a man who loves you and treats you as an equal.

    SG men, if you’re already so intent on marrying a foreign women or already happily married to your foreign wife, why do you still hold such a grudge against SG women and spend so much time bashing them? Nothing better to do? JUST LIVE AND LET LIVE MAN. Stop wasting your lives being spiteful and complaining about how SG women are this and that. Just be happy that you have or will soon have a foreign wife to call your own! As long as you have 10K that is 🙂

  33. m

    Dear Sir
    please send for me email for vijay eswaran

  34. rob

    just wondering why it cost 10,000 for a vietnamese bride! i understand the match making service’s charge for their service’s. but how much of the 10,000 goes to the bride?

  35. C

    Getting a wife from a bride-matching centre may be a good idea.
    To have a local bride vs a foreign one does not really make a difference, except that it saves us time and trouble going out to play the “game” of love and courtship which may not be effective enough in the modern time pressed world.

    Having to understand the lady enough in terms of personality and expectations and a genuine objective to get married to have a great family to be with in the end is well worth the effort even if we have to go through an agency.

    It may not be bad in the sense that we are paying for it upright. In fact, i believe all the relationship guys are always paying, and such relationships are very frequently based on money, or looks and seldom on personality. Be it girls from other countries or in Singapore, they will always assess your financial abilities and status. I don’t see how local girls are different from foreign ladies.

    The ladies from both Singapore and other 3rd world countries are not so much different except from the pride and expectations. For the same type of quality physically, ignoring the inner beauty, i see that foreign brides are more reasonable.
    Compare this to a shop owner offering rent for his shop space, he can offer 10,000 a month. If there is another owner offering a similar shop offering 5,000 a month, i can’t imagine which idiot would go for the 10,000 unit.

    However if in terms of inner beauty and quality, i would admit that Singaporean girls would score in intellectual terms, provided that they are highly educated and reasonably humble.

    But the trouble is that such ladies are mostly attached or even married. So the rest of the ladies out there would be completing against the 3rd world ladies in exact.
    Ladies , don’t be angry with the guys who go for cheaper and more convenient recourses. You might be happy if the guys choose to be a loser or idiot and play it your way… but you won’t be happy if you have children who do silly things just like their father.

    The conclusion is :
    its a free market out there, and theres a good reason why people are doing certain things. You can say whatever you want, that going for foreign brides via agencies is cheap or odd, but that don’t change the fact that it may be a wise thing to do.

    Marriages that broke from such arrangements is not because that the relationship was built on money. It was because of other reasons. In fact, thats what happened to many of the marriages in Singapore that went through the normal courtship process.

    Its about the person you marry not how you met and got married. Going through the channel of courtship and marriage agency does not really make a difference, if you can understand the parties well.

  36. Louis

    I know my Vietnamese wife thru work in vietnam 3 years ago. She was really nice. I have no regrets marrying her. During my courtship, it’s not cheap to fly in and out to vietnam. Within these years, I had already spent 30,000 sgd for holidays trips, dowry, 4 piece gold and wedding tables in ho chih Minh city. My suggestion for you guys is to look for someone you love and someone who love you. Try Malaysian or batam, it’s nearer.

  37. Writingtou

    Althought this is not the path for me, I can not say it is not the path for others. Clearly, both parties are receiving benefit or else they would not enter into such an arrangement. The problem occurs when one tries to pass their own morals and values onto others. It is clear to me that some of you do not understand the world. Many of these women are willing to marry because they hope for a better future for their children and family. Often, these women are uneducated or undereducated because they live in a country where education beyond primary schooling is not provided free by the state. Often times even though Vietnamese are hard working people, it is very difficult to gain employment sufficient to support a family. This is especially true for women in a culture which favors men. Family is an important part of their culture and in a society which does not offer many social services, it is often up to the children to financially care for the parents as they age. If the children can not, or do not then no one will care for them. Many do not view this life as terrible for them, instead they view it as a blessing and a chance to help their families and provide a future for their children.

  38. usedproduct

    I think usually the Vietnamese wife faces problems from her demanding Singaporean mother in law who expects her son to marry a girl with higher educaton. I study in US before and don’t like how many Asian girls constantly gets brainwashed by popular media (hollywood, BET, MTV and etc) to hate their Asian culture and heritage. Many brainwashed Asian girls in America would reject or dump Asian men for White Trash men (low income, low education whites). Singaporean women too are obsessed with white men too. Many would just sleep around or cohabit with White men than marry an Asian man just like americanized asian woman. So marrying poor Vietnamese girls is a good idea. We help her family out of poverty and she be a good family member.

  39. Western women

    Many men in north america fear marriage.Our women have become abusive tyrants under the guise of political correctness.All thanks to female chauvinist pigs like oprah.If you can marry a poor girl,do it,at least you could make her happy!Watch out for modern women,they are only pretending to be nice to get what they want,your money.Once they have the ring their real plan emerges,divorce.They think equal rights means you pay and they are the boss.They have major attitudes and have a pot of gold between their legs.Why marry them?You will be lucky to get sex once a month.They are shameless,have no morals,cheat,disrespectful of men and see men as bank accounts to be drained.Their terrible reputation is well earned,after the divorce $10k will seem cheap!

  40. rob

    sound’s like usedproduct is a singaporean woman. can’t find a rich man to waste his money on. and just because a man has money and a higher education does not meen he is not trash no more than a woman who has a higher education wanting a man with money is any less than trash like any other singaporean women. better to have a good woman from a poor vietnamese family than a arrogant woman looking for money.

  41. tonychan

    Agreed with C dated 14 December 2010.

    Even a guy who is courting a girl has to pay for this and pay for that.

    For example, a guy takes a girl out and paid for the dinner, bought her some dress, bought her an iPhone, paid for her telephone bills, paid for holiday trips…etc.

    Why is the guy paying for all this? To get into her pants, eventually.

    Isn’t it the same thing as a guy who paid S$10,000 for his Vietnamese bride?

    • Andy Liu

      Not to forget to standby more than 50k for a Singaporean style wedding. My friend’s wife is a local but didn’t pay any shit for it, and she complained that My friend was niao on many wedding stuffs

  42. tonychan

    There are guys out there who are highly educated (having at least a basic degree) but they don’t have the Brad Pitt looks, they don’t have the body of David Beckham, they are not as charming as a Casanova, and not as filthy rich as Donald Trump. Those guys are the average Joes. Singaporean girls are basically turned off by these boring average Joes. These average Joes can be accountants, engineers, university lecturers, or executives. Unfortunately, they are incapable of charming Singaporean girls to their pants.

    Mind you, some girls prefer to hang out with the notorious lowly educated Ah Bengs for the thrill and adventure.

    So, the only option these average Joes have is to buy a Vietnamese Bride. So, why do you look down on such brides. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

    • Andy Liu

      One of my relatives bought a China bride from hainan island. They have been married for 10 years. No issues. Truth be told, some ppl are meant for matchmaking and some are better off to look for their significant others on their own. Believe it or not it works this way. Any guarantee that courtship is the only way to a blissful marriage? Look at the western world. Most marriages led to divorce and the western world is the number one advocate for courtship. Traditional matchmaking and mail order bride still have their values in modern world.

  43. Me-Me

    The idea of the guy giving $10,000 Sing dollars is distasteful. But I suppose she could have just said ‘no’ and called the whole thing off. The man might have just married her without paying the fee, legally, but that would have been considered a rascally thing to do, and without interpreters, he wouldn’t have gotten her contact information. The girl talked her parents into the foreign marriage things, she said. It doesn’t look like something she was forced into. So technically, I don’t see this as something she was forced into.

    Arranged marriages have been around for thousands of years and they still practice them in many cultures. If two people want to get married after having just met for a few hours, that’s up to them. It is strange, and sad in a way, but I can see the appeal of it. It would be an exciting adventure for both of them. I can certainly see the appeal of it for the guy. The girl is beautiful. He should realize what he is getting into (or was since this is an old video). She’s marrying him for a comfortable life. Maybe his looks are okay since she didn’t reject him. The 60 year old comment made it sound like she had low standards (unless she liked older men or an early inheritance.)

    Some of the arranged marriage customs of Asian countries are a little more careful than this. The couple’s parents get to know each other and try to figure out if the couple would be a good match. Here the standard seems to be she’s pretty, she’s a virgin. (And maybe she’s Vietnamese). So let’s get married. On her end, he’s a foreigner. He can support me. Let’s get married.

    From what I hear, it is hard to get married in Singapore. Women want to marry older. A lot of the women are more educated than the men. Some of them may not be all that focused on running the home– I don’t know. I can see the appeal of finding a wife from abroad. Plus, if they marry foreigners, at least their wive’s won’t have that Singapore accent. Vietnamese accents can be pretty rough, though. At least it doesn’t sound angry. 🙂

    At least this guy is apparently offering her what should be a life-time commitment. It’s hypocritical, IMO, for a man or woman to go out and have a one-night stand with someone they’ve only known for a few hours, with the risk of the woman becoming pregnant, and then condemn a couple who want to get married after knowing each other for a few hours.

    Someone commented about a spouse being a partner, not a servant. I wonder what the households of these match maker couples will be like in five or ten years after the wife learns to speak English or Chinese. I can just imagine the wife chewing her husband out for something. After a while, they’ll probably act like other married couples after they get to know each other. If a woman wants to be a homemaker, and the man is okay with that, there is nothing wrong with that.

    So, I’m saying I don’t think this should be illegal as long as no one is forced into it.

    I hope this couple, if they married, have a long and happy marriage.

  44. cuorekid

    singapore girls are materialistic

  45. snow

    I still believe that there are some good Singaporean women around. Just that they are hard to spot, if not, many are already married or attached.

    For those Singaporean women who thinks that they are superior to these foreign brides (yes, perhaps in terms of education, finance, etc.), they obviously don’t know what men are looking for.

    What makes a happy marriage is being able to satisfy the needs of both sides. And this goes beyond sex. A self centered princess syndrome mentality (under the guise of ‘equality’) is certainly not going to lead to one, or maybe just one-sided happiness.

  46. engagement rings

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  47. Angmo_in_Singapore

    More than 36% of Singapore women past 30 cannot find a life partner. Many ‘sell’ themselves cheaply or freely to expats working in Singapore. Its a fact. If Singapore women do not wake up, they will disappear from the surface of the earth very soon. Why? More and more Singaporean men are getting foreigners as wives. The genetic pool is changing. Very soon, the pure Singapore girls will be the minority, or wiped out. Thank God!

  48. Be Open Dudes

    @Honest Opinion speaks the truth.

    Happiness if nobody’s business but your own. As a dude, I don’t know why there’s so much slander against Singaporean women or foreign women. I’ve dated both local and foreign girls who were perfectly nice and sweet, and I’ve also dated those who were money-minded and materialistic.

    What I’m saying is, all women are different, regardless of nationality. You can’t judge just generalize that foreigners or locals are better because of some bad experiences. What if you decide that Vietnamese women are the best and you ignored the love of your life because she’s local? Or vice versa?

    Ultimately, I think it’s all about the attitude you have. Keep an open mind to love and happiness, and don’t be so bitter and spiteful! It only makes you seem like a judgmental asshole to other people.

  49. Manash Dowarah

    An vietnamese woman when married to a man of Singapore,South Korea or Japan she goes away far from her loving one in the Vietnamese village and disappears in the crowd of a city away from home.I have sympathy for those boys who had lost their lovers in such immigrations and will not be able to see those girls for rest of their life.Mixing up is good but unidirectional trend is not acceptable.

  50. Rashid

    Vietnamese Girl is pure and kind, Singapore girl is too much calculating this and that,
    so depend on you want a relax life or busy life partner.

    Kiasu make some Sg girl give pressure to their husband to own more money and more.

    Vietnamese girl, it is pure love.
    Happy life, no presure life.
    this is different life, if you ready understand what Vietnamese is.

    l the Go to Vietnam to stay 3 month and feel and understand.

    No one need to have own a flat to live, or own a car to live, or own a iphone in order to have face

    that is rubish value in Vietnam, Vietnam is pure and basic down to the earth life.
    Sg girl stay in a dream in TV abouve the ground in flat.

  51. Marcus

    I can’t understand why everyone is so upset about this. In every country in the world women flock around rich men and will do anything just to be their wives. Only difference is that the vietnamese has made a business of it.

    It’s not very often a woman picks a poor or homeless husband. They always pick a guy with a steady economy.

  52. here

    While I actually like this publish, I believe there was an punctuational error shut towards the end from the third section.

  53. Dian

    It is a shame that so many American women act like selfish uncompromising men and/or only think about themselves. No wonder So many American men look for brides in other countries. While the virginity issue is important in Asia (the home of sex selection abortion), it is not so important in America. It is more important to find a woman who will work together, simply be happy, grow in love, and not betray her husband after becoming Americanized/corrupted by American culture.

  54. Tuyet

    It hurts to read this story. It is bad and miserable to hear such sob stories. I think these Vietnamese girls are poor so they married Korean, Taiwanese or Chinese husbands with hope to change their future and help their family. As a result, most of them ended up miserably. I suggest these Vietnamese women find Vietnamese husbands who live in the West. 

  55. Anonymous

    Hello I am Mehmet from Turkey 53 1.67 73. Kg. age. I want marriage from Vietnam .Singapore.Thailand Asian country . I can go to my wife country. [email protected]



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