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Revamped omy Homepage Launched

Brand New Look
Brand New Look

A plug on something the team has been working on for the past few months. I have not seen any other news site in the world offering such features on their homepage – this should be a first. Hopefully, our users will like the revamped homepage and it’s customisable features. 🙂

Below is the official release notice:

Singapore’s leading bilingual-friendly news and entertainment web portal, rolled out today;  a series of technological upgrades, providing premium-quality news and entertainment content to its readers – with no additional charges. The upgrades include: 1) a customisable homepage; 2) 3G mobile vodcast; and 3) features for learning Chinese while reading the news.

These features promote omy’s goal in catering its content to all bilingual Singaporeans, providing for their individual news and entertainment preferences. Constantly up-to-date with the latest in web trends and development, last month, achieved a new high of 10 million page impressions, strengthening omy’s position as the top Chinese-focused website targeted at young bilingual Singaporeans aged 18 to 35. To find out more, visit the freshly revamped omy homepage at

Customisable homepage
Users can now drag and drop the placement of their favourite content on omy to customise its homepage to their own personal preference. A user who prefers to read entertainment and lifestyle content can choose to place all these content at the first fold of the homepage, while pushing down the other content. In addition, users are also able to determine which sections in omy they would like to see and which they would like to hide.

3G mobile vodcast
Users can now watch their favourite omy vodcast on-the-go. Simply make a video call on a 3G mobile phone to 6403-9838 and the latest omy vodcast will be played on your phone at no additional charges other than the standard call rates from your mobile service provider. No sign-up or registration is required for this premium service, powered by InfoHub, in collaboration with

Features to learn Chinese
Instead of paying hefty fees to learn Chinese at tuition centres, users can make use of existing free features on omy to learn Chinese in the comfort of your own homes. omy’s unique text-to-speech feature across all its news articles enable all articles to be read out to you with a mouse click via an automated text-to-speech program. All news articles also have hanyu-pinyin rollovers, allowing users to pick up the enunciation of each word.

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