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Who is David Hartonto Widjaja (Ming Ming)?

David Hartano Widjaja (picture via www.ntucybergames.com)
David Hartano Widjaja (picture via www.ntucybergames.com)

David Hartonto Widjaja, a Chinese Indonesian, was an ordinary final year undergraduate studying in Nanyang Technological Unversity (NTU) at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE). That was till yesterday morning when he picked up a knife and decided to stab his final- year project (FYP) supervisor, Associate Professor Chan Kap Luk – a 45-year-old deputy director at the school’s Biomedical Research Centre.

While his victim was hospitalised, Widjaja’s lifeless body was found at found at a carpark in NTU. He had slashed his wrists and fell five floors to his death.

What went wrong?

Described by various news report as a smart and conscientious student, 21-year-old Widjaja, affectionately known as “Ming Ming” to some of his NTU friends, was quite a whiz kid; having participated in the International Math Olympiad in 2005, and emerging as the first runner-up at the NTU Cyberathletics Open 2009.

Various news report pieced together a sad story of a student stressed with his final year project grade and the lost of his scholarship, leading to the attack on his FYP supervisor and eventual suicide. Widjaja was also painted as a loner who was an avid World of Warcraft 3 player. The gaming addiction was attributed as a cause of Widjaja’s deteroriating grades which lost him his ASEAN scholarship.

You can read the various news report below on the incident via omy and AsiaOne:

Students at NTU ponder shocking death
NTU incident – Whiz kid who went over the edge
南大学生刺教授——学生4楼坠下 多处留血纸巾

南大学生刺教授——学生捅教授后 割脉坠楼死 Vodcast
南大学生刺教授——教授背插菜刀 伤痕累累送院
南大学生刺教授——教授校园被刺 学生嫌犯跳楼身亡
Stabbed prof in good spirits
NTU sets up counselling services
Parents identify undergrad’s body
Stabbed NTU prof recovering well
About Professor Chan Kap Luk
Indonesian student stabs professor, jumps to death
Police news release: NTU stabbing
NTU professor slashed on campus; attacker dies in fall

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  1. A tragedy indeed. But this is not the first time. Kinda remember there was once a Poly professor been killed by student as well.

    Is it our education system?

  2. There are numerous doubtful points here. It has been said but not proven right that David has stabbed his professor, killed himself and cut his wrist. David’s elder brother has mentioned in an interview that he cannot allocate any injury mark on David’s wrist, instead he found a mark around David’s neck. This may point out to the fact that David may not have committed suicide, but murdered instead. Many more doubtful points have been mentioned by David’s brother that makes sense and what happens may not be what we think of it. I hope that the case will be thoroughly investigated and not be biased against David just because he is a foreigner.

  3. David was killed by his Professor. That old ugly mother fucker Professor should die too!! Ass Hole!!

  4. I have a message from the others to the person who wants to know a lot of information about David…

    This is article that I get from Indonesian people and by eye witnesses.
    “They Want to Kill Me,” David yell,

    Then blood was dropped

    Meeting with my father David, Hartono Wijaya, this indicates a strong murder. David continues to research after I verify sharpen and almost finish; indication of “conquest” discovery rights “component” 3-dimensional object that can appear in the air, can be also useful for the future of television that can be called “clear” eye, without special glasses, like the research been done Lucas Art & Co.. This is to Sketsa-3 as a literary citizen reporter, indications about the murder case of a child genius, assets of the nation should be.

    He always wears trousers with blue shirt. He is very simple guy when I met. Hartono is the father of David Hartanto uterus, students who died in the campus at the Nanyang Technology University (NTU), Singapore, on 2 March 2009 ago.

    “They want to kill me, they want to kill me … … they …”

    At the end of that, David cried out, “They want to kill me,” then fled quickly, on the floor where he consulted with the faculty preceptor of his final project, Prof.., DR. Loek Yan Chan, 45 years old, in the Electrical Engineering department.

    There is no reinforcement.

    David fears.

    The shadow of death in front of the eye.

    Angel of Death is “his professor”

    Prestigious campus in the morning bright start but with many accidents.

    On 2 March 2009, at approximately 10 time Singapore, quiet atmosphere, the body of David has been bringing the original sound stupor ago. Indications that his neck was cut by someone, and body are removed, be four floors of the campus, where all the knowledge and knowledge integrity is a must.

    A woman, working in NTU see figure David quickly-run. He heard the clear voice, “They want to to kill me …” But he did not expect a resort scream.

    He thought, presumably, only a tease scene.

    Women are told that the second screamof Hartono Wijaya, on 2 March 2009 evening in Singapore, at the time who go to visit to NTU campus.

    “If I say the name of the woman to you, the woman will be killed by the professor now,”

    The indication of David death is clear. Blood on the stairs still dropped, as images that are drops of blood that has been cleared by a blogger in Singapore to me. Photo is now circulating on the internet, Facebook, and a snippet of video is created by the visual Christovita Wiloto.

    David run quikly run-tone bottom with fears that Hartono told with the eyes glisten.

    Ago I ask what David’s father describe “dead body” of your children when you first see.

    Accompanied by the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore in the afternoon, 2 March 2009, by the police he was not allowed to see David death. The reason is still in research (autopsies).

    “The next day I return.”

    “My child is be wreathed by plastic body.
    “But I saw his neck is covered by plastic, there are three lines tape.”

    Hartono talk the same things to me.

    Hartono I meet on the sidelines of the discussion held by Christivita Wiloto, Tuesday, March 17, 2009, at 13:30. Chris makes all of the discussion to give the award to the author reviews a book, Behind Headlines India, in a discussion with topic: Developing Positive Citra Indonesia Through The Media. “Why is the media in Indonesia is only just extract information media in Singapore, that David cut off pulse, jump suicide,” said Christovita open discussion.

    I see why Hartono didn’t want to said the eye-witnesses to call the witnesses.

    Yet, her Zheng Zhou, the researchers, who in the days when the death of David in the room attended Prof. Loek Chap Yan, died hanging ourselves.

    Christovita make a film presentation material collected in the Straits Time forum. Photo collection of David’s death; catenarian gaffe, any posts such as my previous two, have been circulating on many mailing lists, blogs, on Facebook, now.

    At the date of March 3, David both parents in Singapore are required to make decisions quickly, cremate that “dead body”or bring home to Indonesia.

    “Know why the mare, in the chaotic situation we decided to allow cremation,” reminded Hartono. His eyes look in the mirror. As if there is sorrow there.

    The question then, why David is closed and this case isn’t disclose by Singapore?

    I will struggle in the visual world.

    Since so stop journalists in SWA Magazine in 1989, then opened my own business, ranging from graphic design to visual animation. Even in 1993, I decided try to move in full animation field. Until 1996, I closed the business, after the money invested Rp 1.2 billion, a big number for me – – because from their own business from zero. I create a puppet animation 2D, 3D puppet.

    In the struggle to bring the loss of money, tha knowledge which accompany me to the software and visual ability. I know the 3D animation software applications, ranging from Soft Image 3D, 2D, Toon, 3D Studio Max. Hardware ranging from high end Silicon Graphics computers that used to run a range of editing applications Inferno – – first in Jakarta are owned by the first Post Office, post-production company (post-production house) owned by Peter F. Gontha.

    In the 1997-1998, I was also working at VHQ, post-production house owned by Eric Lomas visual, Australians, citizens of Singapore. He also partnered with the Media Development Authority (MDA) is a kind of state-owned Singapore. Through the MDA this is, among others, the government of Singapore to provide ease of Disney, Lucas Film even opened a business in Singapore, including giving to provide tax free

    Lucas Art & Co., was doing research on technology three-dimensional (3D) visual interest to the ad, which is able to appear on air. That means, the 3D animation software, actually and simply, that can only make and model running on a computer or recorded to film and video formats, and can be showed in the air.

    “I Seingat Art in 2006 Lucas & Co., has plans to publish their research question was,” said Vidiyama Sonnekh, practitioners of information technology in Jakarta.

    “Such three-dimensional hologram that can live in the air.”

    “Previously we had wanted to offer the technology as a Supplier to business groups that are building Djarum Grand Indonesia. But, it is still expensive and again, only one of projector U.S. $ 20 million, “said Vidiyama.

    Now the price is surely related to the long and expensive research.

    “Well if you have students who do research and find a cheaper technology, logikanya, could harm the industry?” Said vidi.

    Title of research David Hartanto: “Multiview acquisition from multi-camera configuration for the adaptive 3D display 3D Rekonstruski from CCTV, Main Terms of Intelligent Video Surveillance System.”

    Understanding of the background and animation software, a background working in the company post, and research know Lucas Art’s Vidiyama, and David read the title essay, plus get an email from blogger in Singapore, the figure also there is a girl named Angel, David Yunior student at NTU, then I suspect, is that the discovery of David: The ability to create three-dimensional visual image that can appear to the air, especially for technology intelligence, where the digital loop can be programmed into a certain space is monitored through the CCTV camera, scanner movement to guide their movement (motion capture); can send data, voice, the withdrawal of human predication that will work as our command.

    If so, great. neither.

    If it is found that, according vidi, its implementation can be different. “We can change the receptionist in the office with the 3D, not the real man,” said vidi.

    I imagine the imagination (hologram technology) in the Star Trek movie, now many are starting visual research conducted by the United States. Research is also working to develop the future of television, among others, so that the public can watch TV in the three-dimensional air without using special glasses.

    When the research 70%, according to Angel expression, as I have written in my second question Sketch David, his professor did not believe David is able to. “If you can, you will be a “Nobel – man”,” said Angel, David extract. That girl’s top rushing David for two weeks completing the final task would be no. then, she visit David and get such information about his “Nobel Project”.

    On the morning prior to leaving campus, his final projects already transferred his data to flash-disk. Also he brought note-book in his backpack, plus provision of water to drink in a bottle of white.

    “According to the his friends’ information in Singapore that I have received, that day his final project already up to 90% finished,” said Hartono Wijaya, father.

    Unlucky, he can not be suspected, the campus should be the case that scientists dedicated to the scholarly and honesty, still now leaving the big question mark. If the indications are now widen to be murder, telling a child fan of research and visual game that is supposedly a very strong meaning.

    Questions, why David should die?

    Up to here is the task of journalism need to do on going verification becomes important.

    “I really regret the Indonesian embassy in Singapore we are silent. Mute? “Said Constant Ponggawa Marino, a member of a commission I DPR RI, 2004-2009.

    When I wedged the question, why the House of Representatives not to press the Indonesian government pressure thorough investigation of the Singapore government?

    “This time not being fit. House of Representatives are recess. “Constant said.

    Constant not thought out, why the government still, “What is this figure who died because of the minority?”

    When I said Constant, then with a heavy heart I write back that the award of the country life is only a low-low. I repeat that three weeks ago a woman named Devi, in Pamulang, Banten, raped after the comma, the hospital can not accept because there is no identity card and the poor, sekenanya treated in five days round the post by the residents, and die only once.


    Someplace where!

    In many cases, we replace foreign workers abroad, Dilecehkan, dihamili even death, as presented Christivita Wiloto, as if somehow the state is also where?

    So if a clever child, also a brilliant otaknya, and then killed, and the opinion that the media world was built, the students awl lecturers?


    “We (Indonesian people) get this misfortune and wrong judgment,” said Christovita.

    When members of the House of Representatives in recess, at the government officials campaigning vacationed ago, can be forgotten again by the state. In fact in the death of David, can indeed be the name of the people indicated was damaged, and “humiliated.” Have long since children with smart brain is given remuneration to the country scholarships, and graduated after his brain to build the nation.

    This is the tragedy in a nation that dissipate the funds in five years to reach Rp 1,000 trillion, for the purposes of elections, elections, party and party expenses of individuals, but the negligent will be a humanity that the more days should be: the more civilized.

    “As parents, Mr. Hartono may not ask for the life of her son back. But at least there is verification that the children die not because puncture lecturers, “said Christovita.

  5. You can realize that a wrong is gonna be right. and right can be wrong. It’s universal laws….. So, we must investigate this case….. Properly and be carefull..

  6. NTU should set up counselling services for their professors.
    They may bee too stress so have mentality disorder.
    – Prof Lee Wing Foon was caught after stealing NTU students’ panties.
    – Prof Chan Kap Luk, what did he done to his student, David?

  7. I used to have these fucking lecturers in Curtin University in Western Australia, Singaporean lecturers used to work in Curtin University and maybe still there are the one of the best and one of the worst assholes.

    Its sad to see a young talented David is gone. I hope someone would investigate it further, heard som rumours that he invented something extraordinary which led to his death , true? not sure.

    But one thing i can confirm this, Singaporean Lecturers are all dicheads!

  8. Not just rumours that true david was murdered and the other two student died too they were one lab with david something big dramas was happen in NTu and asean parent must aware about this.
    Investigation will never stop

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