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Thunder Tea Rice 客家擂茶 @ VivoCity

Would you gulp this down your throat?
Would you gulp this down your throat?

I first tried out Thunder Tea Rice (擂茶饭) when I was still working in the Shenton area a few years back. There were a couple of stalls there selling this odd-looking dish and was popular among some of the more health-conscious office workers.

I remembered the auntie at the stall asked if I wanted to pour the gross-looking green soup into the rice. As the “soup” looks really sickening, I politely declined and was very glad with this decision later when I drank a mouthful – it tasted really awful! There was a strong minty smell, and it was like drinking melted menthol sweets. The rice was okay, but it did not grew on me.

Thunder Tea Rice @ VivoCity
Thunder Tea Rice @ VivoCity

Flash forward some three years later… Rachel simply adores Thunder Tea Rice and she managed to coaxed me to try my second serving. This time, strangely, I appreciated the acquired taste! Maybe it’s because of age and changing taste bud, but I found it delicious. I still did not pour the soup into the rice, but the offending liquid grew on me with each sip I took while munching on the rich textured rice.

Next thing I know, I am addicted. 🙂 Now, everytime I step down to VivoCity, I would think of ordering a bowl of Thunder Tea Rice to enjoy. Strange.

Here’s the address if you are interested to try it out:

1 HarbourFront Walk
Stall 3 #03-01 Food Republic, VivoCity
Tel: 6273 2209

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  1. Haa, I love Hakka ‘Lei Cha’! This is my fave dish since young and I can eat 3 big bowls every time. On the other hand, the one at Vivocity is not as authentic as my mum’s home cooked hakka ‘Lei Cha’.

    You should try with the soup next time. It is actually healthier to add the tea in 🙂

  2. I did saw the store in Vivo City and yes the soup looks gross (green color)! Can you pose you mum’s Lei Cha recipe here? If it’s really so good I might change my view about Lei Cha. Thanks in advance.

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