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by2: publicity wanted… at any cost

Spot the attention seekers
Spot the attention seekers

Check out the photo above of JJ Lin (林俊杰) together with a pair of twins, by2. The latter is the latest singing and dancing duo being groomed by home-grown music label, Ocean Butterflies International (海蝶集团), famous for successfully launching the career of regional stars like JJ Lin and A-Do (阿杜).

The two girls were trying to grab more media attention, riding on the fame of JJ Lin. They successfully got themselves reported in many major media publications after that… but it may not necessary be what they wanted, judging from headlines like this: “林俊杰晚饭米粉果腹 小师妹高抬腿抢镜”. 🙂

The postures of the two girls are seriously quite distasteful lah. This can’t be the kind of image that two young 16-years-old girls would want to cultivate for their future career.

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