A story about Mee Siam mai Hum - Alvinology

A story about Mee Siam mai Hum

A story about Mee Siam mai Hum - Alvinology

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Via EDMW. Posted by a forummer called vincentteo, I found this spoof on our government really hilarious. You have to be a true Singaporean to catch all the hidden spoofs. 🙂

this morning i order mee siam mai hum tio lecturing by the hawker auntie

sibei dulan. i this morning go eat breakfast at hawker centre lose a quarrel with the auntie selling me the food.

my mind was thinking of something mah, so i ordered ‘mee siam mai hum’ accidentally. the auntie diao me and say ‘mee siam where got hum one’. then she ask me go seat first…49 secs later will deliver to my table.

when the food arrive, she say “$6.66”. It is very absurdity! where got mee siam this price? so i argue why the food so ex.

she say “Eh ginna. First you made the honest mistake of order mee siam mai hum. then u make another honest mistake and say it is ex. u see that stall opposite the uncle sell so cheap, but you got see their food quality? they put peanuts wrongly into their mee siam before, tio complains and now their business going to collapse soon and his wife have to work as maid to supply their income. u see this bowl of mee siam in front of u. who cook this food for u? the ingredients get by who? can u enjoy this food without me? There are some things u can don’t pay, and there are some things u cannot don’t pay.”

I no choice then pay her the money. When she go back she still dare turn around and say “be thankful I never sell for $7 hor”

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