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What has NS done for you?

NS is good for everyone and has done a lot for Singapore born males. Females and foreigners should enlist too.
NS is good for all and has done a lot for Singapore born males. Females and foreigners should enlist too.

MINDEF: “What would you defend?”

Singapore born males to one another: “What has NS done for you?”

My reply: NS taught me the concept of modern slavery. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Lower ranked NSFs are like slaves to some regulars and higher ranked NSFs who abuse the system. I can resign from a job I dislike, but I am stuck with SAF.

Here’s a collection of some of the replies via EDMW:

travirjir: left me with a a torn ligament on my right ankle after i sprain it really bad during ippt in camp, had to rush to nuh take xray then go physiotherapy weekly at tengah airbase after that.

satayxp: it opened my eyes to national slavery and eye power tok only no action

doomed: Fear. NS taught me to fear everyone who is my superior.

rain_myth: it left me a harsh fact that i have tahan another 10years cycles ict.

jurples: i realise i do not want anything to do with it

silent_espy: It made me realise that my govt doesnt give a crap abt my future and my career even though ns might mean i lose my job and livelihood. They dont give a shiat i need to support my parents, pay bills and plan for marriage.

sadisticnoob: Left Me with slight permanent damage to respiration systrm as I got puneonmia . Now like sick Abit more easily

robolee: NS left me with dmg left knee and dmg right ankle. what does it benefit me? make me open my eyes of what human will do to get to their goal (backstabber, bootlicking ex.)

kingsfall: I learn how to suck thumb and move on when **** happens…

shawntyq: realized whats being a slave is like.

A New Guy: Made me realised how farked up some superiors are especially the old ones. Never listen to reason extra give here give there like free. But it trained me how to be invisible to the right people.

twinings: nothing. literally.

mistersatki_: it taught me one thing onlycivil servants dont really give a damn how gd is their performances aresince their promotions were already predetermined due to their toilet paper worth

Locksleychang: NS left me with a dessicated L5/S1 disc in my back. The disc is also torn and protruding. In the process of downgrading now (waiting for medical board). This is what happens when you chiong with GPMG. My advice to everyone is if you feel pain more than a few times in a certain body part, go get it checked out. I totally regretted not seeing a specialist earlier.

Geylang Prawn Seller: after NS, i realise that:any organisation that inflicts pain and suffering on me cannot be given any name other than my enemySAF has inflicted pain and suffering on me and so…

Wahkao3: New business idea – Consultancy business to help SAF soldiers downgrade in army

Zerozerozero: Two years behind girls of my age.You spend the 12 years hanging out with all the girls of the same age, and then suddenly, time just stopped for you. They moved on, you are left behind.

vlim4: right foot stress fracture during NSF, then left foot stress fracture also during reservist.

It would be interesting to see #WhatHasNSDoneForYou trend on Twitter. I am sure all Singapore born males have something to contribute, regardless whether they are positive or negative experiences.


  1. Generic Arguments about why NS is necessary and Counter-Arguments

    Whenever anyone from the public tries to push for NS to be removed, you may receive a generic responses from the current authorities or MINDEF spokesperson or another current government figure.

    Sometimes it is not just NS that is called to be removed, but the onerous 10-year plus ICT. This requires male men to be called back for 2 plus weeks every year throughout their most active years (20-40 years old).

    These generic responses fall under the following 3 categories:

    Total Defence – Usually you get a full explanation on Total Defence, about how there are 5 aspects of defense in Singapore, and a 3G SAF, and how it is technologically advanced.

    There is no explanation at all on why conscription is necessary or why it is 24 months. There is no link between a Total Defence explanation and why you need NS!
    Answer the question why NS is needed and why 10-years ICT is needed please!

    2. Threat from Malaysia or Indonesia – Being places with higher population and thus higher armies, we need a larger reserve force – or do we?

    Why is there a threat in the first place?
    Well, George Bush did convince the USA to go to war with Iraq for 8 years over a PERCEIVED threat. So, are PERCEIVED threats always real?
    The government can totally convince us to serve 3 years of NS to protect ourselves against the rise of terrorism by saying there is a BIG IMAGINED hairy threat. The perceived threat argument is not an argument!

    3. National Unity and good for bonding our people – I am sure there are better ways to bond our men and ensure unity, why cannot we implement community programmes from our defence budget.

    This sounds more like a convenient excuse for making conscription necessary.
    Why not have females serve?
    Why make it 2 years and not 6 months?
    Why do Reservist men need to return every year for 10 years? Why not make them return once every 5 years?
    Why for PR’s to integrate do we make it not compulsory for PR’s to serve NS too?
    Why do we still need persistent call-ups every year for 10 years. 2 weeks a year hurts a person’s schedules, job performance and job hunt?
    Why disadvantage males economically, allow them to start families later, and tear the social fabric?

  2. The problem with NS is that the problems manifest itself outside of the SAF/ Home Team.

    Let’s break it down here:

    1. New Citizens
    –> If you’re a new citizen who migrated to Singapore above the age of 21, you don’t have to serve National Service or the burden of reservists. Think about the Singaporean son who served in NS faithfully, fought homesickness and struggled to adapt to the military life (not everyone is cut out to be in the military), only to have some new citizen come in and enjoy the peace and security without having to lose a part of himself. That Singaporean son will feel betrayed at best. Add on the fact that if he complains about the number of new citizenship granted, he’ll be called xenophobic…

    2. Jobs
    –> The common restrain in Singapore with regards to jobs is that there is a law that says that you can’t fire someone because of NS obligations. The thing about reservist is that it takes away at best 2 weeks of your year. Some slimy employer can just say, “Oh, I fired him because of poor performance.”, good luck trying to prove that he fired you because of NS obligations and getting MOM to do anything. (Difficulty: Almost Impossible)

    3. Family
    –> My advice to any enlisting NSF, if you don’t have confidence that when you propose to your girlfriend that she’ll say yes, I advice you to break up now. Cause when the training gets tough and she breaks up with you then, it’ll send your life crashing to hell. You’re now 2 years later than your foreign peers, with little to no money (I’m going by the pay of a Lieutenant, the highest rank I’ve seen a NSF achieve, which is around $1,280 per month, well below Poly Fresh Grads). After that two year income crash (when you ORD), assuming you don’t pursue a Uni Degree, you have to work to buy a house and have kids. You’ll be at best your mid 30s and oh yeah, don’t forget about jackass employers who will fire you for “poor performance”.

    I know some will read this reply and and want to debunk me with welfare programs for NSmen and tax incentives from an obscure paragraph in the tax code to tell me that “Look, the Singapore government takes real good care of NSmen, so stop complaining.” Yeah, defense is the weapon of a country. As with any weapon, it is always a liability and a burden to keep it sharp and useful. However, if the weapon starts destroying the bearer, it needs to be modified before it destroys the thing it’s supposed to protect. Translated, If NS is causing NSmen job opportunities, holding him back from having a family and actively holds him back while he has to compete with New Citizens, soon NS will be the reason why Singapore collapse.

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