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Edison Chen (陳冠希)’s God-Brother, Timothy Tang (邓程澧) also likes to take nude pictures

I want to be like my brother!
"I want to be like my brother!"

A set of nude photos of Edison Chen (陳冠希)‘s god-brother, Timothy Tang (邓程澧) recently surfaced onto the Internet. The photos are alleged to contain Tang posing nude with an unnamed girl, with a condom already worn on his crucial part.

This is what we call 上梁不正下梁歪 – if the older one is rotten, the younger one will follow the same path, hahaha.

Btw, Tang may be a nobody in the entertainment scene, but he comes from a respectable family background. His grandfather is the late Sir Tang Shiu-Kin, a famous Hong Kong philanthropist who even have a hospital named after him in Hong Kong.

From various press reports, Tang is said to be 23 this year and had only returned to Hong Kong recently after completing his studies in Australia. Wanting badly to break into the entertainment circuit, Tang worked part-time as a driver for celebrities and is good friend with stars like Edison Chen and Maggie Q. He is even said to have dined with the queen of celebrity leaked sex tapes, Paris Hilton.

Well, I guess Tang got the ‘break through’ he wanted now, riding on his god brother’s notoriety. 🙂

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