Name Wee

Name Wee/ Wee Chee Meng is a Malaysian singer-songwriter, notorius for his vulgarity-slewed songs posted on YouTube. Two of his more famous works are 麻坡的华语 – about the Muar Chinese community in Malaysia and Negarakuku, a spoof song of the Malaysian national anthem, Negaraku. You can read my previous blog entries about Name Wee HERE and HERE.

He is in the news again recently, for his latest series of three videos titled 丘老師ABC時間 (Teacher Hew’s ABC Time) Part1, Part2 and 你的英文太爛 (Your English is too lousy). In his usual profanity-ladened style, the first two videos show a geeky looking guy called “Teacher Hew” teaching ABC with Hokkien swear words and sexual terms. The last video seeks to justify the vulgarities in the first two videos by explaining through a song that Teacher Hew is a victim of the education policy in Malaysian which favours students educated in English schools versus Chinese schools.

丘老師ABC時間 Part 1:

[youtube url=”″]

丘老師ABC時間 Part 2:

[youtube url=”″]


[youtube url=”″]

I am not familiar with Malaysian pop culture and politics, but in my opinion, Name Wee is someone who knows how to manipulate the media well and get the attention he wants. 🙂

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