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Worst Athlete at the Beijing Olympics

Jacques Rogge, Chairman of the International Olympics (IOC) committee may have chided the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt for his showy behaviour, but I think Bolt would seem like an angel (pun intended) next to Cuba’s takekwondo representative, Angel Valodia.

Instead of delivering kicks to his opponents to score points, the Cuban kicked the referee in his Bronze-medal match against Kazakhstan’s Arman Chilmanov and got himself banned for life from taekwondo. Apparently, he was upset with the referee’s decision to disqualify him for taking too long to tend to an injury.

Worst Athlete at the Beijing Olympics - Alvinology

picture via reuters

I happened to saw his ruthless kick delivered straight to the poor referee’s head on TV while watching the Olympics. It was quite a shocker as I did not expect to see such bad behaviour at a global sporting event.

Whatever was running through Valodia’s head during that critical moment, we would not know, but what I do know is violence is never the solution to anything.

Valodia has earned himself a place in history now. Not for winning a medal, but for being the worst athlete at the Beijing Olympics.

You can read the full article here via Reuters.

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