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Bye Ishi

Picture take from MediacorpTV

Ishi of Superband fame is dead.

Just saw his picture in the headline news for LianHe Wanbao and Shin Min.

His body was found in a car outside the National Stadium and there was vomit all over. The cause of death has not yet been established.


I hope it’s not suicide. Life is too valuable to go this way.

Ishi was my junior in NTU School of Communication and Information. Although I have spoken to him a few times, I can’t really say I know him well. Still, it’s disturbing to see someone so young, someone whom you kind of know, suddenly dead.

May he find solace.

Click HERE to read Ishi’s blog.

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  1. The paper said it has got something to do with relationship matters, quoting from his blog. Haix…not worth it seriously

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