Pastor Kong Hee explains the relationship between Christianity and Ancient China - Alvinology

Pastor Kong Hee explains the relationship between Christianity and Ancient China

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More words of wisdom from the man who can cure cancer. 🙂

Check out the four videos below. They are quite entertaining, even for a staunch atheist like me. You can watch more of Pastor Kong Hee‘s video via his youtube channel.

Ancient China DVD

God and Ancient China Part 1

God and Ancient China Part 2

God and Ancient China Part 3

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  1. This megachurch pastor is too bullshit. Got no time to wait for God to give him Devotion word for website so he go copy another person’s work and pass as his own. The evidence is here. Compare his article “Thomas Faith” with the article from Leadership Bible. First two paragraphs is word for word the same.

    Accuse others of cheap grace. but then he? cheat grace pastor? I guess the college where he got his Doctor of Theology in two years forgot to teach him the basic courtesy of acknowledging the work of others.

  2. To those idiots that attended his mass,

    For your information, confucius and buddhism were around since 500 -400 BC. I can’t believe KH can lie (be it deliberately or not) with his eyes open so as to brainwash Chinese.

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