Now, you don’t have to worry any more about not being able to find a toilet when you need to take a crap outside.

Introducing the revolutionary, Shit Box (via CR Blog):

Yes, it’s a cardboard box, but not just any cardboard box. This one has a picture of a happy, smiling turd on the side, for it is the Shit Box “a lightweight portable cardboard toilet, made specifically for outdoor use” according to a press release just received by CR. “The box pops up from its convenient 14” flat pack to a rigid reusable box, you pop in a degradable poo bag, do your business, seal and then dispose”.

The SB can apparently hold up to 20 stone in weight – that’s in terms of someone sitting on it rather than the, er, payload, we guess. And it can be yours for just £15.67 (~S$42).

I think the price tag is steep. I have an even better suggestion, why not carry a stack of old newspapers when you go out? You can shit on them and then wrap it up to dispose. The cool thing is, it can be used as toilet papers as well and it costs next to nothing! Clever right? 🙂

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