Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Alvinology

Inle Myanmar Restaurant

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Alvinology

Rachel introduced me to this quiet restaurant tucked away in the basement of Peninsular Plaza some time back. They claim to serve authentic Myanmar cuisine – I am not too sure if it’s really “authentic” as I have not been to Myanmar before. In any case, I think the food tastes great! Plus the price is quite reasonable for an air-conditioned restaurant with proper services

Here’s their exact address:

111 North Bridge Road
#B1-07 (A/B)
Peninsula Plaza
Singapore 179098

You can visit their official website for more information – it’s a very well-developed website with a comprehensive introduction to all the items offered on their menu.

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Alvinology

The bulk of their customers seems to be of indo-chinese origins, judging from our visits there. Maybe not many Singapore know of the place yet. Either that or they are probably not adventurous enough to try out alternative cuisines.

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Alvinology

Me ordering my lunch

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Alvinology

Oun Nau Khau Hswe

Inle Myanmar Restaurant - Alvinology

Butter Rice with Myanmar Chicken/Pork Curry

Sorry about the yellow lighting… it makes the food looks strange, haha. A meal for two should cost no more than S$30 inclusive of drinks and appertisers, quite worth it. 🙂

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  1. yeah dude, went there b4. interesting stuffs they serve there. expecially weird pig organs salads. my myanmar fren brought us there n he didn’t say it is not authentic. e one thing i find dat they like 2 use in their cuisines r e powdered nuts n stuff they like 2 serve beside e dishes.

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