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Day 2 of Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008

I went back to the Singapore Toys & Comic Convention again on Sunday for a second visit together with my friend, Nick and his wife, Amy. Nick told me there’s some cosplay performances on that day and since I didn’t have much to do, I decided to make another trip.

It was really crowded this time round compared to the closed-door preview night! Check out the photos I took below.

bunch of female cosplayers

Bunch of cosplayers with colourful hairs and costumes

Japanese school girl

Some Japanese school girl cosplayer

afro head

The Afro-hair guy in Para Para

nice wings

Nice wings! I wondered how many birdies were sacrificed!

star wars duo

The usual Star Wars duo who seem to show up at every single cosplay events in Singapore

Liondance head

Liondance head, missing the tail


I think this is a character from Bleach?

prince of tennis

Prince of Tennis cosplayer! Girls look good cosplaying as male manga characters because of the feminine features of most manga drawings


I wasn’t kidding when I said the place was crowded


Some fairies?

cosplayers queuing

Cosplayers queuing to go on stage

otto fong

Local artist, Otto Fong autographing

naruto and his friend

Naruto and his friend


Cosplay stage performances

a candid moment

A candid moment

ROUND 1! Fight!

Round 1, Fight! Pose!


Where there are cosplayers… there will be photographers

Magic Cards

Some Magic Cards tournament

All in all, the whole event was fun for me. The only sore point was with regards to the Takehiko Inoue Illustration books I bought from Chuang Yi. I bought one from them at the full retail price of S$39.90 on preview night – only to find out to my shock and horror that it was going at 50% off on Sunday!!!! FXXXXK!!!! I could have bought TWO illustration books at the price I paid.

In the end, I bought the second illustration book at half the price, having spent a total of $59.90 when I could have just spent $39.90. In the first place, I already hated Chuang Yi for their comics printed on toilet paper quality paper which will turn yellow in less than a month… This is rubbing it in further…

From now on, I shall boycott Chuang Yi’s products and just buy Taiwan-imported manga. They are almost the same price now btw, given that Chuang Yi kept shamelessly increasing their prices despite their obvious lousier paper grade, translation and printing.

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  1. hihi…
    i was wondering… maybe you didn’t go to a lot of cosplay events before?
    the one whom you said was lionhead thingie (cosplay) was in fact a character from the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors Game from KOEI…
    and the fairies.. *ahem* they are in fact from Card Captor Sakura….

    thought u might wanna know.. or perhaps you would have known now…

  2. Hi athens and Grace: Thanks for pointing out. 🙂 I go a lot of cosplay events. Been supporting Cosfest since it’s beginning. In any case, that doesn’t mean I will know every single characters being cosplayed lah. There’s too many manga, anime, game characters in this world.

  3. Funny. Most of the people in the local anime blogging circles swore by Chuang Yi. (That’s probably because they had vested interest in them[?] or had relatives inside the company[?].)

    Whatever it is, my trip to STCC confirmed my belief that most good artists in this region are non-Singaporeans. I don’t intend to trip off Imaginary Friends Studios, Collateral Damage Studios, Otto Fong and other local artists, but the political apathy/restrictions here gave off the “restrictive” vibe, either as a discrimination that artists can’t make money, or that any criticisms of the Government is seen as “rebellious.”

    But kudos for them, for I think they should try to raise their profile globally (IFS has already making inroads into Hollywood, I think).

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