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Photos Galore! Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008

WARNING: Long entries ahead with loads of photos!

Rachel and I went to the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention yesterday at Suntec Convention Centre. It was an otaku‘s paradise! There were toys, collectibles and comics everywhere. As Friday was the preview night, the exhibition hall was not too crowded and it was easy to move around as well as take photos. Not too sure about today and tomorrow once it’s open to public though. 🙂

Here are some pictures I took to share with everywhere.



display toys

Monsters and cutesy dolls.


LEGO! Both Rachel and I grew up playing LEGO bricks. I used to have a few cupboards full of LEGO sets. They were my favourite childhood toys.

CAAS lego

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) in LEGO. I wonder why there’s only one miserable staff – could it be the rest got fired because of the recent ICA passport blunder?


Hillbilly vinyl figurine for hippies?

hippies art

Hippies inspired artworks.

the hippy artist

The artist behind all the hippy designs.

hippy dolls

More hippies’ vinyl figurines.

lai chow

Bumped into my friend, Lai Chow at the convention. She looks pissed because I caught her by surprise on the camera, hahaha

Nintendo Wii inspired China knock-off

Nintendo Wii inspired China console set.

wedding bears?

Wedding bears?

Gary Erskine

Gary Erskine’s booth.

colourful frames

Nice colourful frames and graphics.

evil bunnies

Vile looking bunnies and a giant evil turtle.

close-up of evil turtle

Close-up of the evil turtle.

evil dogs and rabbits

Evil looking bunnies and dogs plush toys.

Singapore's own TREXI!

Trexi – from Singapore!


Furi-furi designed by Aiko.

Rachel posing

Rachel trying to blend into a Old Master Q mural.

Old master Q and me

Look who I am standing next to!

rachel doing the ET

Rachel doing the E.T. thing.

Blythe princess

Blythe princess who just won a beauty pageant for horrific looking giant-eyed dolls.

Prettier looking Blythe dolls

Prettier looking Blythe dolls.

oriental vinyl dolls

Oriental looking vinyl collectibles.

more cutesy dolls

More cutesy vinyl collectibles on display

manga inspired merchandises

Manga inspired merchandises.

Zemotion and Noah K

Artworks by Zemotion and Noah.

old ironman

The old ironman helmets. On the right is the head of Ultimus Prime from Transformer

ironman bust

omg! They killed Ironman and made him into a bust!

life size yoda

Life-size figurine of Yoda.

yoda close-up

Close-up of Yoda. Check out his hair

gempak starz

Gempak Starz from Malaysia. They are the one who brought in the Old Master Q stuff.

old master Q crossover

Old Master Q comic crossovers.

star wars figurines

Star Wars figurines. I used to have loads of these till my mom forced me to donate them to charity.

star wars and me

Me posing with the Star Wars figurines that I wish belong to me.

star wars cutesy

Cutesy looking Star Wars figurines.

tellytubbies star wars

Tellytubbies inspired Star Wars figurines.


Troopers face-off.

special troopers

Special storm troopers.

happy tree friends

That bunny from Happy Tree Friends!


Dooperdoo booth.


Stickfas – from Singapore!

vivan balakrishnan

Guest-of-Honour, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan. I didn’t know he was a covet otaku. :

sonny liew's astroboy

Local artist, Sonny Liew’s version of Astroboy.

nintendo will try-out

Nintendo Wii try-out station.

tokidoki stickers

Tokidoki stickers – kawaii!

Tokidoki artist

Yes, that motion blur is the Tokidoki artist. He’s busy runnning around as many people wants his autograph.

tokidoki merchandises

Tokidoki merchandises.

tokidoki caps

Tokidoki caps.


Which Thor do you like better? 🙂


Gloomy – the naughty grizzly.


To-fu cushion pillows.

hand-drawn to-fu heads

Hand-drawn To-fu heads.

vinyl collectibles

Vinyl collectibles.

manga wigs

Manga wigs at the Domuya booth.

gundam guard

Gundam robot guarding their booth.

gundam security guard

The other Gundam security guard.

gundam display

Gundam figurines on display.

Association of Comic Artists (Singapore)

Association of Comic Artists (Singapore)

Jerry Hinds

Jerry Hinds, the head of the Association of Comic Artists, doing a live digital drawing demo.

kamen rider

Kamen Rider cosplayer.

UPDATE: Check out my newer entry on Day 2 of STC. 🙂 More pictures ahead – CLICK HERE!

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  1. oooooooo You were there on preview night too? But I think you were in the media slot.. While I had to wait till 7.30pm to get into the room based on the OMY win… XDDD

    I thought I was in paradise.

  2. ruku: Ya, I went in at around 5 plus. 🙂 I went again today, and it’s like super crowded! Am quite pissed with Chuang Yi when I found out they are having a 50% sale on the two Takehiko Inoue illustration books!!!!! I bought one for $39.90 on Friday at the full retail price… today I found out I could have bought TWO FOR THE SAME PRICE! $#%#^#$^#% Doesn’t mean can get in earlier is a good thing! 🙁

  3. But I always hated Chuang Yi stuff. They have ZERO QA.. Many times, they’ve either printed the wrong speech or printed a page upside down. And the quality of the paper sucks big time.

  4. Went there on Saturday about 6p.m.Quite dissapointed not much new 1/6 scale toys.But i do like to see the designer toys since I have a few in my collection.

  5. This STCC has been an eye-opener for me.

    There are plenty of named artists to visit and chat, and there are upcoming artists that are pretty good. Not to mention lots of big names going around.

    (Too bad I didn’t get evirob maker’s autographs or Gary Erskine — ironically, a dusty copy of Dan Dare is sitting in my bookshelf, inherited from a signficant other too miffed about British comic scene in the 1980s —.)

    It seems that the comic scene in Malaysia is more active than Singapore. A few artists along the Artists Alley seemed to be based in KL. Gempak Starz, the Malaysian equivalent of Japanese’ Shonen Jump magazines, boasted an array of comic artists that are really, really talented. It’s really a testament of the solidity of the creative scene in Malaysia (although Singapore is on the rampaging front — XD — in catching up).

    But let’s not forget: Imaginary Friends Studios and Collateral Damage Studios are also big in their own ways, the former having Hollywood creds, and the latter the pioneer in local fan-made arts (doujin).

    A few quips of mine regarding the convention:

    -The whole floor is literally awashed with stormtroopers. I’m not against the Star Wars franchise — c’mon, Singapore-made “Clone Wars” will make the STB, EDB and whole lot of other acronyms of government agencies, smiling from end to end —. But as an outsider observer, it outshines the other space-related fan group to the sidelines. I believe there should be equal exposures for both fan groups.

    -The handling of the convention is messy, in a both good/bad way. There are no excessive power-handling from any managements, so props for giving us some breather to explore the convention on our own. On the other hand, the “passport” program and convention entry highlights are not clearly highlighted, leading to some to believe that you need to “register in order to enter.”

    -Batman: Gotham Knight (the animé-esque series) feels disjointed, along the lines of Animatrix. Anyone within the animé circles might recognise the character developers and the directors behind them, but for 1:15 hours’ worth, I’m second-doubting on getting the DVD release.

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