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90’s Ah Beng website: SiaOCanTo’98

Back in 1998 when I was just 18 years old, I used to think places like Fire, Spark and Canto are like the coolest clubs in town. Did you grow up in that era too?

Check out this sibei retro Ah Beng website I found:

siao canto

It appears to be done up by a self-confessed Canto regular. Anyone happen to know this guy called Melvin Yong (Ah Kiat)?

He described himself as follows:

I am presently studying in Temasek Poly (ITAS). I am staying in Tampines but i have no brothers in Tampines!All my brothers stays either in Clementi or Serangoon! However,the are a lot of chio gers in Tampines but mostly very “gina” ones (skool gers pattern)…

I am not yandao but i would like to know more people (esp. Chio Bu). If there is any chio gers who would like to meet me,please meet me outside Canto at 5.45pm – 6.30pm as i will be there every Saturday. Canto is NOT A PLACE FOR KIDS OK!!!

I dislike Bengs and Lians and does not support ‘”Pai Kias”. I am a very guai kia who dislikes troubles and will avoid trouble makers!

If U wanna be my friend, U can email me at [email protected]
U are a “Pai Kia”, please stay away from me….

Anyone interested in making friend with him? 🙂 He is born in 1980, which means he is the same age as me now. I am really curious what this guy is doing now and whether if he still check his canto email listed above for chiobu writing in to know him.

Looking at this website is like down memory lane… the heydays of bengs and lians with guys spotting centre-parted blonde hair with long fringe, bright-coloured versace jeans; girls spotting multiple earring, PVC trench clothes.

Kind old Melvin even listed down the “Top Technos of Canto”, “Teens Hangouts” and various Ah Beng Ah Lian IRC channels on his website. Sibei sibei nostalgic lor!

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