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Joanne Peh Tio Vandalised

Boliao entry of the month. 🙂 The standees were for Sun Silk’s Gang of Girls campaign. This picture was taken outside Paradiz Centre.

Is it a crime in Singapore to vandalise outdoor advertisements? (considering these won’t be considered PUBLIC property)

joanne peh

Btw, despite seeing the campaign ads all over Singapore and even taking time to browse through their campaign website, I still can’t see the link between Marilyn Monroe and Joanne Peh lei. In fact, I can’t even grasp why they have to convert the celebrities who endorsed their products into fugly vector portraits.

Anyone has any feedback on this campaign? Which agency did this? Good? Bad?

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  1. Huh.

    I thought recruiting Marilyn Monroe was a nice touch. It adds to the glamour of the uh… shampoo.

    Anyway, I do agree those things are ugly-nised. They shouldn’t put pictures of themselves on their hair! O.0

  2. Isn’t it Madonna and not Marilyn Monroe? (Saw the ads several times taking the MRT.) The photos they referenced are probably from the 80s so it looks a bit dated.

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