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Korean drummer takes the show

This video is hilarious!!!!

Ignore the lead singer, focus your attention on the drummer at the back and you will see what I mean. 🙂

Some background about the video, according to LastxLight who posted it on youtube:

my Dad’s friend who works at a TV studio found this after this group of Koreans rented out the studio for their music video and probably other stuff that i am unaware of. anyways, he plays it at every staff Christmas party and this past Christmas the party was at our house. after having seen the video i decided that it was too funny to keep to myself so i asked my Dad’s friend and he gave me a copy to put on YouTube.

So, in all honesty, i have no idea who these random Korean musicians are or what their names are lol. but the facial expressions of this drummer are priceless…not to mention that left hand drum stick twirl that he does throughout…and i’m pretty sure it’s from the early 90’s hahaha

anyways! here are the lyrics to this song. It’s called “You’re Too Much [or Unkind]” first sung by Kim Suhee in 1976 and written by Yang Cheon-gang.

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