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Fonejacker: Professional Prank Caller


Here’s my April’s Fool Day recommendation – Fonejacker! Fonejacker is a British comedy programme featuring a series of prank calls.

The show features a masked prank caller (Kayvan Novak) who speaks to unsuspecting members of the public under various guises, in an attempt to confuse or wind-up the call recipient.

The prank calls are really top-notch and made me laugh till I almost cry. I especially like the one with “DOOVDE”. If you are feeling bored now, maybe you can watch some of the fonejacker’s videos and then try out the prank calls on your unwitting friends on this special day. 🙂


First up, the DOOVDE episode – where fonejacker tried to pronounced DVD, VCD, TV, HD and LCD as words instead of acronyms:

Call to cinema operator, requesting for permission to make pirated video:

Bumble Bum Ber Ber Bu Ber… episode:

Selling broadband service to a poor student:

Free money episode:

Funny right? If you can’t get enough of fonejacker, you can find more information about this programme at their official website. 🙂

Happy April’s Fool!

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