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Fly by Night 5 years Retrospective

I have been a loyal participant of the Fly by Night Video Challenge, annually since it started in 2002. The challenge is simple:

The theme of the competition is announced on Friday night. You have one weekend to conceptualise and make your 5-minute video. All entries are submitted on Sunday evening and then screened on the same night.

There’s an adrenaline rush while cheonging to complete the video and I get immense satisfaction out of the end product.

In the first year, my teammates were Xai (working for the United Nations in Laos), Wan Churn (trailer producer at Channel U), Ailin (civil servant) and Sally Poh (producer at Moving Visuals). The theme was “Next 5 Minutes” and our short film was titled “Bliss in the Next 5 Minutes”. My team didn’t make it to the top ten.

In the second year, my teammates were Wan Churn, Xai and Ailin. Sally took part again in a separate group with her new boyfriend. The theme was “Fever” and our short film was titled “A Prayer in the Rain”. Again, my team didn’t make it to the top ten. Sally and her boyfriend’s short film did though. 🙂

In the third year, my teammates were Leon Kiong (motion graphics editor at MuVee), Chitra Kumar (final year student in NTU SCI) and Lai Chow (editor at Youth.SG). The theme was “#*@^” and our short film was titled “The Symbol Life”. My team finally won this time. Unfortunately, Leon has deleted the video from his hard disk even before exporting it. Hence I don’t have a copy to show here.

In the fourth year, I joined with Leon Kiong alone. The theme was “Green Apples” and our short film was titled “The Great Fruits Massacre”. We won again.

Finally, in the fifth year, I joined with Leong Kiong, Cheng Ding An (currently preparing for his feature film, Kallang Roar) and Rachel Chan (journalist). We didn’t win, but we will still join again this year. 🙂

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