Picture from I.Z. Reloaded

Gosh… there’s a young 18-year-old Singapore girl selling her used bras and panties online. I thought such things only happen in Japan? Is this against the law? She even have her own website now (warning: not child-safe, do not click if you are under 21).

Here’s how Pamela describes herself:

Hi boys! 😉 I am just your average schoolgirl selling her panties to horny boys like you, with the exception that I am one really really horny schoolgirl. 😛

I am doing this so that I can make some money while I am studying, so do support me if you see something you like ok?

Pamela provides shipping services to Singapore and Malaysia. Those interested in her products can also make special requests. For example, you can choose how long you like her panties to be worn before it’s shipped over to you and whether you want it soiled.

Sick lei.

Who are the perverts buying these bras and panties????? What are you even suppose to do with such things anyway?

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