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Blogger who exposed his dad and brother’s dirty businesses online: 大义灭亲 or 大逆不道?

Yongwei (picture via Yongweis blog)
Yongwei (picture via Yongwei’s blog)

This 17-year-old blogger called Yongwei wrote on his blog, claiming he had reported his father and elder brother to the police for allegedly selling pornographic pirated CDs.

I do not envy to be in Yongwei’s shoes. 大义灭亲 or 大逆不道?His actions can be seen as for society’s greater good, but some may also view him as a selfish boy who is biting the hands that feed him. It’s an ethical dilemma. Either way, Yongwei will be condemn by some.

Here’s the news report on AsiaOne:

Teen exposes Dad’s porn DVD business online
Thu, Nov 06, 2008

A former police officer’s son, disappointed in his father’s newfound illegal dealings, posted evidence of the older man’s pornographic DVD business on his blog in a bid to expose the crime.

The teenager, Joe (not his real name), wrote on his blog that first he sensed something was amiss when he saw his father and elder brother carrying large duffel bags in and out of the family home on an almost daily basis.

The father and son duo would return home from their trips and bring the bags straight to the older son’s room and lock the door. Joe’s elder brother is under 18.

Two months after their actions first roused his suspicions, Joe decided to find out for himself what was going on. He snuck into his brother’s room while both men were not at home and found several large plastic rubbish bags on the bed. Joe opened the bags to find that they contained about 500 DVDs of pornographic films.

Joe said that he also noticed a DVD player in his brother’s room, and suspected that it was likely used by both men to test the DVDs. He also wrote that his brother would often make trips to Geylang, and suspected that these trips have something to do with the DVDs as well.

To further support his claims, Joe also posted pictures of the pornographic DVDs he had found. Most of the DVD covers depict a naked Caucasian woman in various suggestive poses. Joe also claimed to have reported the matter to the police.

Photo evidence posted on Yongweis blog
Photo evidence posted on Yongwei’s blog

Joe said that his father was a former police officer, and had served the country for more than 20 years. Now that his father has joined his elder brother in a life of crime, Joe found himself very disappointed in the both of them. He also added that while he was reluctant to tell his mother about his father’s involvement in these criminal dealings, he suspects that his mother already knows what is going on.

Although Joe felt that he did the right thing in exposing his father’s crimes, he was worried for his own safety and asked the Netizens reading his blog for help. He also wrote that he was afraid of being implicated by the illegal dealings, as his brother might use his mobile phone to conduct ‘business’.

According to the law, anyone who owns or trades undertificed VCDs and DVDs can be fined a minimum of $100. Those who are found guilty of pocessing pronographic material will face a minimum fine of $5000, a sentence of up to six months in jail, or both. Distributors or parties found guilty of the intention to distribute pornographic materials can be fined up to $80,000, be jailed up to 2 years, or both.

I was reading through his other blog entries out of curiosity, and was quite surprised that other than accusing his father and brother of selling pornographic CDs; he also implicated his brother as a pimp and underage smoker and chastised his family for using an illegal cable TV decoder. Pretty sad isn’t it? It is quite clear he has strained relationships with his family members.

Here’s a compilation of blog entries Yongwei wrote:

Morals,my ass. Screw you dad! (scolding his dad)

[NSFW] Congratulations Detective yongwei.Part 2 (accusing his dad and brother of selling pornographic CDs)

[NSFW] My bro’s a pimp,a freaking pimp,my dad’s a failure. (accusing his brother of being a pimp)

Congrats detective yongwei part 3. (accusing his brother of selling pirated CDs and underage smoking)

Honest Singapore, Thats me. I’m an example. (praising his honesty for exposing his father and brother)

Dear Starhub. Dear Police, Dear God. (implicating his entire family for using a pirated cable TV decoder)

On an unrelated note, Yongwei can play the guitar and sings quite well btw. You can check out his video on youtube below:

[youtube url=”″]

He is taking part in a STOMP singing contest. Do go vote for him if you like the video above. 🙂

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