bastard 1
Bastard 1

bastard 2
Bastard 2

bastard 3
Bastard 3

These three punks are being scolded ‘left, right, centre’ all over the Internet in forums and chatrooms. (pictures from Decay on Net)

Watch this video and you will understand why.

Putting aside their race, nationality, or even gender – what these three grown adults did is not only childish, but extremely cruel.

The old man, Mr Lee Shee Lam, 67, was just trying to earn a decent living with his trishaw. It is bad enough for three of them to overload the trishaw. It is equally bad when they make fun of the old man throughout the ride and filmed the whole event.

What is worst of all… They actually had the cheek to deny paying the old man a miserable TEN DOLLARS for the ride.

These three bastards should be identified and shamed on the Internet. Please spread their photos around on your blogs or post them on forums and chatrooms.

If these three clowns want to be famous by posting such a video on Youtube – let’s help them achieve their goal and make them notorious instead.

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