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10 times Kim Lim was actually just like everyone else

Kim Lim, beloved daughter of billionaire Peter Lim, is not just one of the most famous rich kids in Singapore. She’s actually just like any one of us–well, sometimes.

Here are some times that the Singaporean It Girl (who is now a mom) became very relateable to other Singaporeans:

When she’s being a great mum

When she posts throwback pictures

For the farmers, when she needs to feed the animals and do chores

When she goes to the supermarket for Christmas dinner ingredients

When she needs friends to go to the bathroom with, and to take a bathroom groufie

When she can’t get enough of cute dogs

When she still has to do things even when she’s sick

When she spends the day watching the National Day Parade

When she asks for help because she’s ordered too much food

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When she needs some soft, squishy thing to hug

So you see, Kim Lim is just like us! Well, sometimes. She still does everything dressed in designer brands that probably cost more than your life.

So who’s Kim Lim’s husband-to-be?

So what do you think of Kim Lim’s daily life struggles? Let us know in the comments!

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