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The omy Street March

Did you see these thirty ladies yesterday down Orchard Road? organised street march yesterday as one of the fringe publicity event to its launch.

The ladies were parading up and down various stretches of Orchard Road, coaxing the public to take pictures with them and MMS it to 75858 – the short code used for sending in news lead to The five best photo entries will each win a digital camera.

You can read more about it HERE. The result will be out tomorrow on 1 October 2007.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday:

At SPh
At SPH News Centre, before setting off to Orchard Road

Getting ready
Getting ready for the march

Off they go
Off they go! Check out omy’s tagline on the PVC fingers!

Close up of the tagline
Close-up of the PVC finger

Left and RIght
Left and Right

Chim Kang
omy’s boss, Chim Kang being his usual self

Coaxing public to take pictures with them

O my!

O my!

Job well done
A job well done!

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