Bedok Bound: A Race Against Time - Uncover Bedok's Rich Heritage with Heyheartlands and HiddenSG - Alvinology

Bedok Bound: A Race Against Time – Uncover Bedok’s Rich Heritage with Heyheartlands and HiddenSG

This June, embark on an exhilarating adventure through the vibrant heart of Bedok with the Heyheartlands Bedok x HiddenSG Game, a thrilling collaboration between Heyheartlands and local social enterprise HiddenSG. Dive into a unique digital tour that blends the excitement of an outdoor escape room with the rich heritage and culture of Bedok.

Heyheartlands Bedok x HiddenSG Game

Join this immersive outdoor escape room experience where participants solve clues scattered around Bedok, unraveling the area’s intriguing history and beloved hangout spots. Guided by the quirky AI companion, Void Deck Cat, a WhatsApp chatbot developed by HiddenSG, players will traverse Bedok Town Centre on foot, rediscovering hidden gems and creating unforgettable memories.

Bedok Bound: A Race Against Time - Uncover Bedok's Rich Heritage with Heyheartlands and HiddenSG - Alvinology

The game offers a perfect fusion of adventure, innovation, and nostalgia, making it ideal for friends and families who crave excitement and a deeper connection with Bedok’s past.

Highlights of the Adventure

  • Solve Clues and Discover History: Participants will uncover Bedok’s fascinating “Hamptons” past and popular local spots.
  • Guided by Void Deck Cat: The lovable AI chatbot will lead players to hidden clues, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Perfect for all ages, the game fosters camaraderie and shared experiences as teams navigate various challenges.

How to Participate

Interested individuals can register via the HiddenSG website. After payment, participants will receive setup instructions via email. On the day of the game, teams will communicate with Void Deck Cat through WhatsApp to receive clues and updates. The game typically takes about two hours to complete, though the time may vary depending on team size.

  • Cost: $29.90 per participant.
  • Team Requirements: The number of tickets purchased must match the number of team members.
  • What to Bring: An umbrella, water bottle, portable charger, and a phone with internet access. Comfortable walking shoes and breathable clothing are recommended.

In-Game Assistance

If participants face difficulty with the clues, they can type specific messages in the chat for help:

  • ‘Stuck’: Receive an additional hint.
  • ‘Lost’: Get directions to the correct location.
  • ‘Skip’: Move on to the next clue.

Giveaway and Prizes

To celebrate the launch, Heyheartlands and HiddenSG are conducting a giveaway throughout June. Three participating teams will be randomly selected to win $200 each. To qualify:

  • Teams must include at least one child.
  • Complete the game within June.
  • Upload a selfie of all teammates to the WhatsApp chatbot.

Flexible Playtime

The game can be started at any time based on your preference, although playing between 10am – 5pm is recommended for clues involving local businesses.

Join the Heyheartlands Bedok x HiddenSG Game and experience Bedok like never before—through a blend of adventure, history, and digital innovation.

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