The Conscious Festival Returns to Singapore with i Light Partnership - Alvinology

The Conscious Festival Returns to Singapore with i Light Partnership

The Conscious Festival by Green Is The New Black is set to make a grand return to Singapore from May 31 to June 2 and June 7 to 9, 2024, with a special event on June 21. After successful editions in Paris, this eighth edition in Singapore introduces a partnership with i Light Singapore, Asia’s premier sustainable light festival, and promises a transformative experience at Marina Bay over two weekends.

The Conscious Festival Returns to Singapore with i Light Partnership - Alvinology

A Celebration of Light and Enlightenment

Light has long symbolized enlightenment, spiritual growth, and awakening. The Conscious Festival x i Light Singapore aims to harness this symbolism through captivating light art installations, insightful talks, hands-on workshops, music, and zero-waste, plant-based cuisine. This festival invites attendees to delve into their consciousness and inspire transformative actions for a sustainable future.

Bridging Technology and Consciousness

While technology holds the potential to save our planet, embracing it requires a shift in consciousness. The Conscious Festival x i Light Singapore aspires to inspire this shift, fostering a sustainable lifestyle that reconnects us with each other and the Earth.

Conscious Leaders Bootcamp – May 31

The festival kicks off with the Conscious Leaders Bootcamp, powered by Alibaba Cloud, in Singapore—a hub of innovation. This bootcamp focuses on regenerative and conscious leadership, exploring AI-driven solutions and collective responsibility. Esteemed speakers include climate activist Clover Hogan, Benjamin Horton of the Earth Observatory Singapore, Dr. Lei Xiao of Alibaba Cloud, Christine Amour-Levar of Investors For Climate, and Sean Lee Davies of Awethentic Group. Interested participants can apply to attend the bootcamp, which is supported by the Singapore Global Network.

Talks – June 1-2 & June 8-9

The festival features a series of talks from 1:30-5 PM, priced at S$25 per session, where renowned speakers will address various topics:

  • June 1: The Brain of Consciousness & AI
  • June 2: Fashion: Beyond The Trend
  • June 8: Citizen Revolution
  • June 9: What if the future was regenerative?

Workshops – June 1-2, June 7-9, & June 21

Workshops, priced at S$35 per session, offer immersive experiences led by local facilitators. Topics include:

  • Sunrise dance events
  • Cyclical breathing with Suraya Sam
  • Astrology and self-discovery
  • 9D Breathwork sessions
  • Neuromuscular training and energy work
  • Special sunset yoga session on World Yoga Day (June 21)

Night Marketplace – May 31-June 2 & June 7-9

From 6-10 PM, the night marketplace will feature local and regional artisans committed to sustainable practices. Visitors can explore fashion, beauty, tech, lifestyle, and well-being products, alongside edutainment activities focused on reducing ecological footprints.

Conscious Concert – June 8

On June 8, from 7-10 PM, the Conscious Concert will feature a solar-powered DJ booth and performances by local and regional artists. Visionary artist Joey Dean from Natural Symphony will create mesmerizing compositions using the natural biorhythms of plants, providing an ambient and uplifting musical experience.

Join the Journey of Transformation

The Conscious Festival x i Light Singapore offers an urban, experiential series of events dedicated to wellness, leadership, technology, and consciousness. Over seven immersive days, attendees can explore a marketplace of over 50 conscious brands, participate in transformative talks and workshops, and engage in purposeful games.

The Conscious Festival Returns to Singapore with i Light Partnership - Alvinology

The festival’s theme, “Cyclical Nature,” draws inspiration from life’s perpetual renewal, emphasizing personal growth and transformation. This vibrant convergence of wellness, technology, leadership, and eco-consciousness aims to guide humanity towards a more sustainable and harmonious future.

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