Discover Café Kitsuné’s Enigmatic Barista Fox - Alvinology

Discover Café Kitsuné’s Enigmatic Barista Fox

Café Kitsuné invites you to enter a whimsical world with the introduction of its newest character, the Barista Fox. This charming figure embodies the essence of Café Kitsuné’s chic Parisian style while adding a touch of mischief to the mix.

A Fox with Flair

Step into the universe of the Barista Fox, a character that narrates tales of exploration across cities, seasons, and collaborations. With its sharp, graphical design reminiscent of sketches by renowned French artists Cocteau and Sempé, this black and white Fox exudes the dynamic and sophisticated aura of classic French brasseries.

Discover Café Kitsuné’s Enigmatic Barista Fox - Alvinology

The Ultimate Ambassador

Elegantly dressed as a waiter, complete with a cup, moustache, and apron, the Barista Fox epitomizes Café Kitsuné’s art de vivre, bringing the essence of Parisian culture to all corners of the globe. From sweatshirts and tote bags to ceramics and tumblers, the Barista Fox makes its mark on a range of merchandise, all adorned with a signature color palette.

Discover Café Kitsuné’s Enigmatic Barista Fox - Alvinology

Indulge in Parisian Delights

Accompanying the debut of the Barista Fox is Café Kitsuné’s fresh seasonal menu drop. Treat yourself to the heavenly Matcha Strawberry Shortcake and exquisite Matcha Coco Madeleine, each bite infused with Parisian vibes. Let the Barista Fox guide you on a culinary journey that blends classic flavors with contemporary flair, adding a sprinkle of whimsy to your café experience.

Visit Café Kitsuné

Located at Capitol Singapore, 13 Stamford Road #01-11, Singapore 178905, Café Kitsuné welcomes you to indulge in its Parisian-inspired delights. Open from Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 10 pm, it’s the perfect destination to immerse yourself in the allure of French café culture.

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