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Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru Murcian Lemon Now Available in Singapore

Bombay Sapphire recently introduced BOMBAY SAPPHIRE PREMIER CRU MURCIAN LEMON, a premium, small batch gin now available in Singapore. Crafted with precision and dedication, this gin celebrates the essence of Murcia, Spain, renowned for its vibrant and aromatic citrus.

The new gin addition to the Bombay Sapphire brand is infused with Murcian Lemons, mandarins, and sweet Navel oranges, offering a balanced and elegant taste.

Denise Tan, Customer Marketing Manager at BACARDI-MARTINI, expressed excitement about the gin’s arrival in Singapore, noting its growing popularity among the island’s bartenders and spirits enthusiasts.

“It’s becoming a sensation in the spirits industry and is already gaining a following from some of the best bartenders here on the island, as its During the late season’s annual harvest, using techniques passed down through generations, these unique and exquisite lemons are handpicked and hand-peeled when most ripe, then dried in the Mediterranean sun, capturing only the brightest and most aromatic citrus oils. unique citrus foundation can showcase a variety of classic cocktails, as well as inspire new ones. Now, Singapore’s gin lovers can experience it themselves at home, whether in a refreshing Gin & Tonic, or something more elevated like a French 75.”

Singapore’s Edition Hotel is currently showcasing the Premier Cru at their Lobby Bar; guests can experience this premium gin in Iris, a cocktail inspired by the classic Aviation.

“Iris was created from the palette of Premier Cru’s botanicals; the wonderful citrus notes bring a zestiness and life to this cocktail, which we showcase along with the orris that is central to this and so many other gins. It’s exciting to see Bombay Sapphire taking yet another step to change the gin category by focusing on terroir and a sense of place; we’re very proud to have this gin as our house pour at the Lobby Bar.” Shared Edition’s Beverage Manager Giovanni Graziadei.

Each batch of Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru undergoes meticulous selection by the brand’s Master Distiller, Dr. Anne Brock, ensuring a consistent flavor profile that highlights the nuances of Murcian lemons and other botanicals.

Held at a higher ABV of 47%, this gin boasts a bold yet smooth character, perfect for discerning palates.

To enjoy this exquisite gin at home, enthusiasts can purchase Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru online via Amazon and Lazada. Vist the official website for more details.

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